I Am Living The Look

I don't often like to do style posts because I feel women are so overwhelemed with various curated fashion options. From pinterest and Instagram to your favorite glossy magazines and blogs, there is always something or someone telling you what else you should buy....more

Get Sized Up - Mobile Fit Tour

Remember when I wrote about paying attention to my boobs? I didn't mean in a perverted way, but women do have trouble finding the right shirt to wear because it's based off small, medium, large, etc.But what if your body isn't made that way -- I am a 34B but with curvy torso, so I always have to buy a medium or large, resulting in a shirt that never fits.  Like I wrote in my previous post, the TrioFit technology solves all that....more

Always Rebuild - Muay Thai Teaches Determination

When I last wrote about Sarah Romulo, she was teaching us that women can fight.Since then, she lost her school that she co-founded with her husband Chris Romulo and her home after Hurricane Sandy. Her life was hit hard because of the hurricane.Nearly one year later, she found a new home and rebuilt the scool. Aint nothing stopping this fierce girl!...more

Mommy & Me

Women fighting is often a tough concept to coneive beyond hair pulling, cat fights, or just smacking. But I've covered strong women in the past before - see here and here....more

Pay Attention to Boobs!

Hopefully my headline caught your attention. I'm talking more about designers and retailers... While fashionable clothes look good on skinny models, the majority of the times, those same models have small breast, so the clothes look good on them because of the fit.But for ordinary women, sometimes our boobs get in the way of shirts and blouses. I wear a size small shirt, but due to having 2 kids, my breast are large, so I'm often left slightly exposed in the chest area. So the solution, I have to buy the next size up, which is baggy on me....more
Having had this "problem" with ill-fitting fashion for most of my life, it's refreshing to find ...more

Punky Brewster is One of Us - Power Mommy

(Image Source: Crushable)For many years, people have known Soleil Moon Frye as Punky Brewster, but what those people need to realize is that she's a mom. Well, a power mom at that. She has her own career and has a pretty strong voice within the mommy community....more

Can Women Fight?

Do women, let alone the people on BlogHer.com, know what Muay Thai is? If you don't, you should!In my neighborhood, there has been several attacks over the past few months, and Muay Thai is Thailand's official sport. It's known as the art of eight limbs, but I am no expert....more
I do! I got my black belt in Muay Thai under Master Chai last December. I LOVED training - ...more

Why You Should Care About Supima

A few weeks ago, I discussed what Supima is since many people aren't familiar with it. As a refresher, it's a superior pima cotton that has extra long fibers for durability, softness and ensures your shirts colors stay bold and beautiful. Many of your household neccessities are probably made with this cotton....more

$50 Giveaway - March Madness, Brackets, Lotto Tickets, Tournament of Flavors, Oh My

(Image Credit: Elizabeth Irrelevent Blog)It is definitely March Madness! Everyone seems to be going crazy and betting hungry, from basketball bets to the New York Lottery....more