Tips for Avoiding Glyphosate -- Should You and How-To

Recently, the Innternational Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has named glyphosate, a weed-killer best known under the commercial name "Round-up," as a probable carcinogen. ...more

Regrowing Leeks

Late winter is a dangerous time to be in our house. It seems I'll plant anything that reasonably looks like it might grow, and ...more

And We're Off!

The garden is off to a good start! ...more

In Memory of Leonard Nimoy

This post really has nothing to do with sustainable living, unless it is to point out the incomparable value of a life lived right. ...more

Revenge of the Sock Loom

One of my most popular posts of all time is The Sock Loom: No Thanks. The post has sparked a lively online debate about this little device, which is supposed to allow you to knit socks with very little knitting ability and a minimum of counting and marking of stitches. ...more

And the Rest of the Set-up

Forgive the rather impressionistic and broody picture, but this is to demonstrate that yes, I have a giant plant incubator sitting in my dining room. ...more

And So It Begins...

I'd like to say it hasn't been too bad of a winter so far. ...more

When Spending is Saving

Living sustainably is a balancing act. ...more

Clove-Ginger Tea

Don't you love it when things come together?Remember...more

How Much Does a Garden Grow: 2014

At long last, the final tally for 2014!The immediate past year was not as robust as far as savings as was 2013, but the distribution of vegetables and fruits that we brought in was much more even, making for a better harvest overall. ...more