Four Ways to be Sustainable for the Holidays

Somehow or other, the holidays are creeping up on us already. ...more

Best of FC&G: The Fleece Patchwork Un-Quilt

In another update of a popular post, I wanted to update you on the fleece patchwork un-quilt.I have wanted to quilt for years, but I will admit that I just don't have the patience. ...more

How Much Does a Garden Grow: October 2014

I have been waiting and waiting to tally up the tomato totals, and I almost needed to wait longer than I have, because I still have tomatoes growing in the sunroom. But in the interest of planning next year's garden, here's how the tomatoes shook out this year now that the lion's share of the harvest is in:Cuor di Bue (1): 187 ounces/$52.36Box Car Willie (1): ...more

Best of FC&G: Update on Ersatz Cotton Balls

I've been going through the "classic" FC&G posts with the idea of releasing some of the best in book form, and I realize that many of our current readers may have joined us mid-conversation and not had time to read all the back posts they might like. ...more

Quick Singapore Noodles

Recently, I had the pleasure of having Singapore noodles at a local Thai restaurant. ...more

Saving Bean Seeds

This year, we had a bumper crop of pole beans that I grew on a tepee-like structure on the edge of the garden. ...more

How Much Does a Garden Grow: September 2014

As expected, September was a much slower garden month than was August. ...more

Should You Grow Tomatoes in Grow Boxes?

This year, our good friends gave us some tomato boxes that they were no longer using. ...more

On Etsy and Buying Handmade

One of the ways to live sustainably is to buy local and handmade items when you choose to consume. ...more

Quick Garden Confetti Rice with Masala Meatballs

Last post, we talked about getting dinner on the table every night, even with a challenging schedule. Today, I wanted to share with you a meal we had this week that was easy to make and that illustrates that you don't have to make every single component of a meal by hand to still have a homecooked meal.Quick Garden Confetti Rice with Masala Meatballs1 lb. ground beef (I used organic, grass-fed)1 lb ....more