The Fast, Cheap, and Good Sustainability Gift Guide

Shameless self-promotion time! ...more

Orzo Masala

We're on a real "skillet dinner" kick here in the FC&G household. The Mr. and I have realized that we are unlikely to eat enough veggies in the winter unless we dump them into a pan full of other yummy things, so we've been experimenting with what we can throw together.This weekend's experiment was Orzo Masala, and I have to say it turned out pretty good ....more

Tool Review: Kindling Cracker

This past June, I got seduced by a tool. That's not a metaphor; I just fell in love with this new tool called the Kindling Cracker, which you can buy here....more

Bye-Bye to the Annoying Oak Tree

See that? ...more

Playing the Heat Game

(Note: In this rare occasion, I swiped a meme from Facebook. If this is your image and you would like it removed, please contact me and I will do so immediately.)Well, it's late October, and the temps around here are finally getting chilly. We were promised a mild fall, and so far, we are getting it ....more

A Nice Little Thing about an Airport

OK, when you think "sustainability," airports are not usually the next thing to pop into your head. In many ways, they are (very necessarily) temples to overconsumption of resources in the modern economy. Just look at all those heavy metal tubes with wings sitting out there, burning jet fuel like it rains from the sky ....more

Sauteed Fall Vegetables

One of the saddest things about the fall garden is the quality of the produce just isn't up to summer standards. The tomatoes, especially, that were so wonderful raw in the summer have now become "cooking tomatoes," a little less flavorful and tender than their July counterparts.So, Mr. FC&G and I have been positively ODing on sauteed veggies the past couple of weeks ....more

How Much Does a Garden Grow: September 2016

Wow, I really feel like I ought to just copy/paste last month's garden tally column and just move right along. But that wouldn't be fair.OK, so for the September report. September was really very much another August for me ....more

The Power of Yelling at Your Plants

Remember your elementary school science experiments? Because it tends not to be a good idea to let 8 year olds plan experiments involving caustic chemicals or live electrical wires, at least one class would always downshift into a project about the effects of talking to plants. The control group plants would be watered but otherwise ignored, while the experimental group would be talked to on a daily basis.If the teacher were really on her game, there would be a second experimental group ....more

How Much Does a Garden Grow: August 2016

Right now, the garden is like a metaphor for my entire financial life. ...more