Are Pregnant Women Getting the Information They Need? A New Survey Says No

When I was pregnant with my first child, in Atlanta, Georgia, I was excited to go to prenatal appointments. I looked forward to seeing other pregnant women in the waiting room, finding out my weight, and talking about my hopes and fears for the upcoming birth. ...more
Thank you so much for writing this article!  This has been on my mind a LOT recently... last ...more

The Real Danger in America: Hospital Birth

As tempting as it is to make emotional arguments against the safety of home birth, as Feministe did recently, it's not home births that are driving America's high rates of maternal and fetal death. It's hospital birth. America has among the highest maternal mortality rate of any industrialized country. ...more
The problem I have with this blog, and all the others, and all the other articles, is that there ...more

Update: The Case of Indiana Midwife Ireena Keesler--and Why She Won't Be Practicing

In the past few months, two certified professional midwives have been arrested in Indiana for attending homebirths. As I wrote on BlogHer last week, Ireena Keeslar, 49, a diabetic mother of five, is one. Now this dedicated, experienced midwife who mostly works with low-income Amish women has said she will no longer practice. ...more
What was the outcome of this case?  My midwife here in SC that lived in Indiana 2 years ago has ...more

Ireena Keeslar, Mom of 5, Arrested in Indiana for Practicing Midwifery

When a car pulled up to her house a little after 10 a.m. on Saturday, March 31st, Ireena Keeslar was still in her pajamas. ...more
I birthed my first 2 babies in Canada, where midwives are not only legal but covered by ...more

Lessons From a Mother-Daughter Book Club

“Mo-om! Let’s go-o!” my 11-year-old daughter, Hesperus, cries. There’s baby spit-up on my shirt but I don’t have time to change. “Get the bikes out!” I yell back, jabbing a contact lens into my right eye. The baby toddles into the bathroom, reaching her arms out for me. I manage to swing her onto my hip and blink the lens into my eye at the same time. She cries when I hand her off to my husband and her older sister and I say goodbye. ...more
"Feminist dilemma" is a great way to think about this! I have a daughter almost exactly ...more

When Parenting Clashes With Medical Treatment: What Would You Do?

If you’ve never questioned medical or dental authority before, the idea that the dentist dismissed my family from her practice might surprise you. But if you’ve been gently asking the doctors and dentists and other health care providers who care for your children to intervene as little as possible, chances are this story is maddeningly familiar to you. To Dr Y's credit, she came to talk to me about her decision not to treat us. She argued, quite reasonably, that the minuscule risk of harm from the X-rays far outweighed the good they would do as a diagnostic tool in looking at my daughter’s mouth. ...more
Gosh this is such a hard call.  My kids never complain about teeth hurting and yet the dentist ...more