Fishtail Twisted Pull Back

It is time to start pulling out some new back to school hair styles. My favorite style for school are the ones that are easy to pull off on any kind of a morning. This one is perfect ....more

Flash Back Friday

Today we are taking a short stroll back to the last time Beans had short hair. The length of her hair in this picture is actually a little longer than her hair is right now. I 100% adore this cute simple style in short hair ....more

Ladder Waterfall Style (For Short or Long Hair)

I am sure hoping everyone out there is having a great summer. Despite bee drama we are having a blast this summer. I'm a little shocked to say that we are only a month away from school starting back up again ....more

Bee's Knees

I actually don't think Bee's have knees, but I know for a fact they have stingers. For those who have followed us for years you have not been a stranger to my very severe honey bee allergy. This summer we took it to all new levels! ...more

Independence Day

Independence Day is next week... is that for real??? I can not get over how quickly time passes by ....more

Which One Wednesday

Beans is so excited that we can finally pull her hair back into little piggy-tails. And she is taking total advantage of that this summer already. LOVES THEM, so today we are sharing a few of our favorite pigtail hairstyles ....more

Which one Wednesday?

Hello again. Happy Summer vacation to all of you. I know there are still some of you that are in school, probably finishing up before Summer vacation, but at our house we are in Summer vacation mode! ...more

Which One Wednesday

It's getting to that time of year again where ponytails are almost a must. When it starts getting hot my go to, cool down style is to get my hair off my neck into a ponytail. So knowing a few good ponytails is important ....more

Which One Wednesday?

Hello again. Today I don't plan on getting ahead of myself and calling a Tuesday is a Wednesday like last week. LOL ....more

Which One Wednesday

So I have been trying to think of something new while I am trying to sort through some of my personal issues like time management and switching my blog over to a better format issues, so I came up with (drum roll, please) Which one Wednesday. This is going to happen every Wednesday where I will put a few of my own styles with a similar theme up against each other to see which one is your favorite ...more