Changing Your Blogging Identity: Can You Lose (or Gain) That Mommyblogger Title Successfully?

Six years ago when I started my personal blog, Mommy Needs Coffee, the title was cute.  I had no problem being called a mommy blog. I did not mind that the word "mommy" was in my title and url.  In fact, I thought it was cute because I still had a toddler calling me mommy.  ...more

Thanks for the nice mention, Jen.  Meeting you at BlogHer a couple of years ago was a ...more

Taking a Closer Look at Dad Blogs

For years we have known about the great corner of the blogosphere that houses the mom blogs. In fact, most of the posts I have written over the past couple of years have focused on Mom Blogs.  But what about the Dad Blogs?  Have you discovered the incredible wealth of great blogs written by Dads?  Let me just tell you this: Where there is a great Mom Blog, there can also be found a great Dad Blog. ...more

I wasn't familiar with Dad Labs, cool!

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It's Not Easy Being a Poster Child for the Sandwich Generation.

For most of us the circle of life entails growing up, moving out and starting our lives separate from our parents. Many of us start families and we become the parents. Some of us at one point or another find ourselves caught in that place where you are needed as both the caregiver to your children and also to your parents. It is stressful. It is emotionally draining. It is a fact of life for so many of us. However, when that call comes, you know what you can do and what you need to do and you just do it. ...more

Hazing: It's Not Just For College Anymore

Hazing is nothing new.  Mean girls are nothing new.  Movies about hazing can become cult classics. (Dazed and Confused, anyone?)  Movies about popular girls acting in horrific ways to other girls can make for box office blockbusters. ...more

I don't care if your daughter is a popular cheerleader. Hazing is a CRIME! Well,  you say, ...more

Teaching Teens to Drive- What You (and They) Need to Know

Teaching my children to walk was a piece of cake compared to teaching them to drive.  When they were small and toddling around, I knew that if they fell, they would land on their cushy rear-ends and be fine.  Sometimes a bump to the head would occur, but for the most part, they were safe.  Driving? That is an entirely different ball game.  A scarier game. ...more

My, oh my, how things have changed for our oldest, haven't they?   I haven't let mine drive ...more

Whose story is it: Yours or Theirs? Blogging the Teen Years

I have been writing my blog, Mommy Needs Coffee, since 2003.  When I started writing it my children were ten, seven and two.  (At least within months of those ages. ...more

I go through this often internally, Jenn, which is why my blog covers mommy and family less ...more

It Takes Skill, Talent, Courage and Possibly a Pair of "Brass Ovaries" to Be a Mom Writer

Sometimes when you are writing--whether it is a blog post, a book or just in your own personal journal-- you have to just throw things out there and see what sticks.  Today I am throwing this out there betting many of you can relate. Writing?  It is hard. ...more


First off - CONGRATS on getting your manuscript to the point of being ready for ...more

Online Communities Can Be a Mom's Best Friend (Or Can They?)

I have been online in one way or another since 1990.  I had a website in 1995 and started blogging shortly after that.  (Of course, back in the '90's it was referred to as online journaling.)  The gift that online writing gave me was invaluable to me when my children were young.  I found my salvation during those sleepless nights and never-ending days through online communities. ...more

I used to be a part of several different online only mommy boards, before moving to the area ...more

Kids! Go Outside and Play! (If your helicopter parent will let you.)

As a child, summertime meant playing with my friends all day.  Outside. ...more
This article is ridiculous! Of course most of the parents that do let their kids play live in ...more

Surviving Back to School Shopping with Teens and Tweens

We have reached the last weekend of summer.  That can only mean one thing in this house.  We have reached the last minute panic as I inventory closets and drawers to see if I really do have to make that journey to the mall for the yearly Back-To-School shopping torture experience.  After two hours and 5 stores, I left the mall with a teenage son who bought a new pair of shoes, some socks and one shirt.  My tween?  He had one pair of jeans and one shirt.  That's all. So much for getting prepared ahead of time this year! ...more

My answer to this is to do the absolute minimum.  We do school supplies and shoes if they ...more