My Kids Are Not Entirely Fond of Puzzles

This journey…this intro to life with a child on “the spectrum” has been challenging to say the least.  We have so many devastating moments that are balanced by those of complete and utter joy…of hope.   Just when I think we are on the right path of diagnosis, Ben has a few hours of complete normalcy that lead me to believe maybe we’ve been too hasty here.  Maybe I have more control over this than I originally thought....more

Sifting Through The Middle Pieces

“I’ll take a margarita. On the rocks. Make it STRONG.” ...more
 @edavis  Its tough for one who hates to be alone.  When I think "alone" I automatically ...more

Playing With Puzzles

 @Isabel_Anders  We are certainly working on it...thank you so much for reading!more

Inner Voices

You know that feeling…in the back of your throat?  When you have a horrendous case of motion sickness, morning sickness, stomach flu, whichever?   That feeling that tells you “if you open your mouth you WILL in fact lose your shit.”  It’s the kind of feeling that can keep one quiet for hours on end simply for fear of what may physically result from attempting a conversation.  Still holding on to the hope…that if you attempt to delay the inevitable, that exhausting nauseating feeling will dissipate?  ...more

Now Boarding...

Tomorrow morning I head out for a business trip to Dallas, Texas.  That’s right…I’m headin’ to the DFW.  By the grace of God I actually have a direct flight…no silly connection to contend with…no racing from one gate to another, dodging golf carts, old people and babies only to find out my connection is not only delayed but indeed moved to another gate.  Right by the one I was…just…at.  (Thank GOD for email notification.) ...more
Hilarious, and so true!  And yet ... still worth it to fly—happy traveling!  :-)more

To Blog or Not to Blog...

When I began my journey into this wonderful world we know as the blogosphere I knew there were going to be moments that were a blogging-MUST…my occasional off-color reference to kid-craziness, hubby antics, fun friend escapes, you know the bit…slice-o’-life.  I knew also that there would be those instances better left to a private venting moment (or hour) in my car or shower.   I made the decision to publicize my blog to those not only connected through my Facebook blog page but also through my own personal Facebook page.  Why?  Well, my friends know me…and if I can...more
 @Blissfully Discontented Love your positive attitude!more

Child Leash/Harness or No?

The other day I read a variety of comments on Facebook reflecting opinions on seemingly poor parenting choices…including but not limited to, the use of “leashes” on children.   Apparently such a practice is frowned up by some.  But it got me thinking… “Would I?” ...more
 @Yavanna  Thank you...yes!  I completely understand what you mean.  It has nothing to do with ...more

Here's your hat, what's your hurry?

It’s going to be a loooong weekend. Or so I thought…when the gentleman initially advised that he would in fact be taking a trip out of town this weekend to hang out with his “bro-friend” for a few days. ...more
 @edavis  Funny how that works!  By the end of the last day I was ready for him to be back.  I ...more

He's Not Smiling Much

This evening our home was hit by what some might categorize as an F1 tornado…no real structural damage but it certainly shifted our belongings around with the sound of a freight train.  Of course, I’m not referring to an off-season catastrophic meteorological event, rather one of my 5 year old son’s “tantrums”.   I hesitate to use that word…”tantrum”.  To me, it suggests that such behavior is performed by a spoiled little baby.  From the outside that may very well appear to be the case.  In my heart, however, and based on multiple visits to various counselors a...more

Doubting Thomas

As a mommy, I am perpetually in a state of de-cluttering.  Those of you with children absolutely feel my pain, yes?   I have three wonderfully “spirited” kiddos: the girl is 10, my sweet boy is 8 and the stinky boy is 5.  Last spring I had a few days off which I quite productively spent on cleaning out a few of our highly neglected rooms.  We recently moved (by “recent” I mean two years ago) and still have multiple cardboard boxes half filled and scattered about the house.  I took this time to primarily tackle our boys’ room.  I dare not touch the girl’s r...more