Confessions of a 30 year old Drama Queen!

So in feeling like absolute poop, I spent my evening doing nothing. I find it amazing that a cold/flu has actually increased my creativity! Weird I know. All right time to fess up here... I am now informally testing the online dating waters... YIKES!! But really where does a girl from Belleville ON Canada meet anyone??? And I mean anyone male or female? There really isn't anything around here and I am not a fan of the bar scene. Do I think I will find true love on one of these sites? ...more

On the Prowl or is Life Just Like That?

Being at home with the flu has caused my brain to go into overdrive and I feel the need to write. Who would have thunk it... I am 30, single and ready to move on with my life. I have joked that I would create a blog called, "On the Prowl... Adventures of a H*#NEY 30 Year Old" but really life is like that sometimes. I wander aimlessly through this life and wonder how things ended up as they did. I have recently learned that reconnecting with old friends doesn't neccessarily heal old wounds. In fact, after seeing an old friend he totally, utterly shafted me! ...more