Diet for a Large Planet Part 2

My friend was pretty excited about her one-stop-shopping trip to the dollar store, upon discovering she could get her kids' sodas there, as well as a few other convenience foods on her list....more

So I Go To Church

Given that "being in church doesn't make you a Christian any more than being in a garage makes you a car," I suppose it's wise for all of us to realize that the "church" will not be made up of perfect people. It might not even be entirely made up of Christians! Ideally, a church will be a body of believers that, as imperfect as they are, choose to grow together in that given church....more

Snubbed by Snobbery?

As I work on a recipe for Mother’s Day I realize God is showing me something in the process. I don’t need to compare myself with anyone else; I am completely unique, with a voice unlike any other! I might occasionally fall onto the broad path where foodies talk about their 15-year-old aged balsamic vinegar, but I soon regain my senses. I’m just happy that I discovered a way to make my own raspberry vinegar, out of “leftovers”....more
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Diet for a Large Planet

A look at statistics will tell you that, whatever this society is doing about health and fitness, it's not working! People are struggling to get fit, but it's not happening.A friend excitedly told me that she had an accountability partner in watching what she ate, which is a great idea. When we start writing down and sharing what we're actually putting into our mouths we become a lot more aware of our habits....more
 @CarolGayFagerhaugh Right on, Carol! We're getting into hard-core regions here, as a lot of ...more

Just my First BlogHer Post

Well, I've just joined Blogher and figure an introduction might do. I had a choice of tags, so I added the "Between Christian" tag so that, ahem, between you and me, let me just say: I am a Christian! And now you know. So you can decide if you want to write me off immediately ("conservative right-wing freaks!"), OR, you can take a closer look. (Sister?!)...more
Welcome! BlogHer is a wonderful community! I hope you make yourself at home, share your ...more