My Son Got Into a Fight Trying to Be the Hero

I wasn't expecting to hear about a fight. Yes, I have four sons who tangle on the floor every once in a while. They roll around and then get up and walk away like nothing ever happened. They ask each other, "You ok?" "Ya! I'm fine," the hurt one will say with an easy grin and a carefully constructed giggle. "That doesn't hurt ME." Oh tough guys. Soft, lovable, tender-tough. I am your mommy, so I know the truth....more
I LOVED your story about your dad knocking. The lights out of those two you g men! If I were ...more


Can you come out to play?

Knock knock on the door. I open and a pretty, smiley face framed by pig tails appears. "Can your boys come out to play?", she asks as her huge eyes glimmer up at me. "Oh sure sweetie" I tell her as I admire her cute polka dot skirt and her rainbow stockings. "Boys, the little girl across the street is here to play!", I call cheerfully as I wave and smile to the little girl’s mom who is watching from her front door. She goes back inside with a satisfied look on her face....more

I love looking out the window and seeing the kids play with the neighbors. We don't overschedule ...more

Boys Need Gentle Parents

An Argument for Gentleness   “Tender tiny fingers grip my seemingly monstrous hand with tightness.  Soft and silky skin so pure and supple, there aren’t words to describe.  This boundless connection delights my heart while bringing tears of joy to my eyes.  I blink and open my eyes again to look at you and am blinded by the light that illuminates, brightens, and warms.  The light you are destined to bring to the world.  It is my promise to you that I will never...more

Putting things off until later

Tolstoy had 13 kids and wrote War and Peace.  I have four and complain about taking the time to sit down and write a thank you note.  For heaven’s sake, I must figure out what the hell is getting in my way of getting things done that I want to do.  What I am called by my spirit to do. Others have.  Evidence is everywhere I look… How was the Golden Gate Bridge built but not for the laborers, designers, thinkers, planners, and DOers.  Certainly toddlers, preschoolers and elementary school age children were living with these people.  Why aren’t th...more

Sleeping, Jogging, and Sex

According to my scientific news reading husband Heath, sleeping, jogging and sex are a trifecta of smartness. “All at the same time?” I ask in a snarky way,  “Because I am pretty sure I can do two of those at a time but ask me to do a third and I am afraid I am just going to have to remain dumb.”  ha. Of course my real question was what kind of cheese did they use to get lab mice to do those three things and can I have some of that super motivational cheese.  So, I had to look it up.  Google it up. It turns out to be ...more

Tour a bookshop

I hear the ding-ding of the bell as I brace my body on the heavy door and push my boys through.  I breathe in deep all the way to the bottom of my lungs.  My nostrils flared as I tilt my head up and look around.  I wish I could put my finger on that smell.  Roasted nuts?  Lemon furniture polish?  The musky scent of dilapidated books?  Whatever it is, it gives me a thrill.  I feel like I can smell the wisdom in the aging tomes....more

How to organize a child's art room

I have been Googling “How to organize a child’s art studio” for days and days and I just haven’t found anything that will work for me.  But hey, I am a Montessori teacher (and a darn good one) so this is what I came up with on my own with a little bit of help from Maria.  Ok, a lot of help from Maria. My goals are to change out the work and to put together a system that will work well for children in both the first and second planes of development.  I must make s...more

My decison to become a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM)

I have a confession to make.  I get really irritated when Oprah says that being a stay at home mom is the toughest, most unappreciated job anyone could ever do.  So irritated in fact, that I stopped watching her show a few years ago because of that. I mean seriously, Oprah!  knock that off. How in the heck would she know?  She has never actually been a stay at home mom and so it seems really disingenuous when she says that kind of stuff.  Why does she feel the need to kiss SAHM butt?  Maybe because many of her viewers are stay at home moms? ...more

Heroes are mysterious

We use the word “Hero” fast and loose here in the US.  It bothers me and I must argue against.  If you do a good deed, you are not a hero.  Teachers who help poor children learn are not heroes....more