Emily Love

For those of you who are friends with Emily of...more


We told Elizabeth about the new baby and the next day, she went to school and made this for her classroom wall....more



Thursday Night Leftovers-No Further Title Edition

•Ryan has a train set upstairs and a train set downstairs. Even with both, he brings so many trains downstairs whenever he gets a chance that I had to set up a special basket in the living room for him to store them. •Elizabeth has Friday off this week ....more

Two Books

Elizabeth gets to pick two books at bedtime for me to read to her before she goes to sleep*. This afternoon at her parent-teacher conference, her teacher said that she would like to see Elizabeth get a little extra reading practice in (apparently Elizabeth’s reading scores slipped from Totally Awesome down to Still Awesome But […] Related Posts: Friday Night Leftovers- Finally Over Parent Teacher Conference Proofreading Advent #8- New Christmas Book At Least I Realized Before Friday ...more

TimeHop Babies

Since they used to be so much smaller and now they are getting ALL big. Related Posts: Cute Baby Saturday- Video Edition Friday Night Leftovers- Pre-Halloween Edition If Only Babies Could Talk… Diaper Bag Treats Exchange Program ...more

Remote Birthday Celebration

When I picked Elizabeth up from school today, she showed me a tiny angel charm she found. She said “I’m an angel, right?” And I agreed, of course. Then she said “and I can control the wind.” Today is my baby niece’s first birthday ....more

Heart Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

I couldn’t find a tutorial for a heart braid online so I wrote one myself. We started with a nice straight part. (During breakfast so that our model would HOLD STILL ALREADY.) Next I separated out a ponytail and put her hair in a rubber band ....more

A Moment of Silence

It’s the end of an era. I’ve decided that I can put it off no longer. Ryan needs a haircut ....more

How to Entertain Children when the Power Goes Out

Be about to get up and make dinner. Have the power suddenly cut out. Wait a few minutes ....more