Elizabeth is really good at making friends. Everywhere we go, she finds a friend and suddenly they are the best friends that have ever been. Yesterday we went to the Crayola Experience at the mall, kind of randomly ....more


There are a few things about the kids that please me....more

She Remains the Best

Seriously. Elizabeth is so helpful. She will hold Alex for me whenever I need to do anything and 93% of the time, she holds her the whole time I am doing whatever it is and both of them are happy the whole time ....more

Friday Night Leftovers- Newborn Edition 

•Babies eat a lot. So often....more

Why Breastfeeding is Not Free 

Often you will hear the argument that breastfeeding is free. Many more intelligent people than I have written that this is only true if a woman’s time is worth nothing, as it is certainly very time consuming. Which is absolutely true ....more

Best Big Sister

Last night, Elizabeth and Matt were in the big bed and I brought the baby up to them so I could get ready for bed. I put the baby on Elizabeth’s chest and went off to do my own thing. When I came back, Matt told me he hadn’t even known Alexandra was there until […] Related Posts: Three...more

The Name

Unlike Elizabeth, who was named before we knew whether she was a girl or a boy, we had more trouble with Alexandra’s name. Ryan was named with something like two weeks to spare. Alexandra was named with something like four days to spare....more


Hmm, did I forget to mention something here? Matt pointed out the other day that I had totally failed to update here....more

Go Time

So! This week looks like a good week to have a baby, yes? My doctors have decided that it is go time ....more

Friday Night Leftovers- 3rd of July Edition 

•Elizabeth loved camp. She fed a bunch of animals (just today, she fed a shark, stingrays, and alligators), petted a penguin named Penny, stroked a dolphin named Aurora on the tail and got splashed with sea water and basically did a bunch of stuff that made me jealous. They also rode all the rides and […] Related Posts: Camp Girl Friday Night Leftovers- Summer Edition Friday Night Leftovers- Bunny Edition Friday Night Leftovers- End of School Edition Friday Night Leftovers- Small Talk Edition ...more