Friday Night Leftovers- Thanksgiving Feast Edition 

•Elizabeth’s school had a Thanksgiving feast yesterday. Ryan and I went and had lunch with her. (Well, Alex came too, but she’s small and barely animate.) They sang Thanksgiving songs and then we had food ....more

App to Consider- Glympse

When we got Elizabeth her cell phone for emergencies, Matt loaded it up with useful apps and security features. One of the ones he put on there is a locating app called Glympse. After he set it up for her, she has an icon on her home screen that she taps and it sends me […] Related Posts: Friday Night Leftovers- School Bus Edition...more

Picture Wednesday- Sneaky Christmas Edition

Normally I don’t start Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving but this year it has been creeping up. The baby needed new sleepers in a larger size so I bought her Christmas ones because why not? And then I put the Christmas sheets on all the kids’ beds because I was changing sheets anyway ....more

I Ryan

Ryan woke up from his nap today while I was in the next room over, changing the baby’s diaper. I heard him chattering to himself for a few minutes and then he started calling me....more

Baby Selfies

So what shall we call the baby selfie? Clearly she’s not actually taking the picture of herself but she LOVES to see that other baby in the phone. ...more

What to Expect at the Four Month Well Visit 

Alexandra had her four month well visit today at the pediatrician. Here’s a rundown of what happened at our pediatrician. It starts with the usual vitals ....more

Picture Wednesday- Rear Facing Camera Edition

The most exciting photography breakthrough of the week was the baby discovering the baby that lives inside the rear facing camera in my phone. She was astounded and continues to be so. It’s just as amazing as that second Mama in the bathroom mirror....more

How to do the Disney Princess Hairstyle 

I have been promising a Bippity Boppity Boutique hairstyle tutorial for a while and I finally remembered to take pictures of it....more

Friday Night Leftovers- Frog Edition

•You know those two frogs that live on the track of my sliding glass door and occasionally sneak into my house? Well one has been missing for about a week....more

Knock Knock

Tonight during dinner, Elizabeth was telling me knock knock jokes. Her favorite one was:...more