The 2014 Halloween Costume Plans

We all know that holidays that involve me dressing my children up are very important to me. Due to the move taking up so much space in my brain, I haven’t begun to think about Halloween costumes until very recently. For most of the year, Elizabeth has wanted to be Violet from The Incredibles and […] Related Posts: Costuming Friday Night Leftovers- Friends Edition Back! ...more

Friday Night Leftovers- Too Late Edition

•I’ve just spent far too long unpacking and organizing in the guest room instead of going to bed. Wild Friday night over here, guys. •Today was No Uniform Day at Elizabeth’s school and she picked out all her favorite things ....more

Buttons and Zippers

My New Year’s Resolution this year was to stop leaving stuff in the sink and instead push it down the garbage disposal and run it. It sounds so easy. But this turned out to be the hardest habit to break ....more

Brother Love

Matt was home today when I picked Elizabeth up from school, so I left Ryan at home. Elizabeth got in the car, asked where Ryan was, and then proceeded to tell me all about her day. She then needed to talk to Daddy, so we called home and she chatted with Matt and then talked […] Related Posts: Friday Night Leftovers- I Remembered Edition After School Routine Exchange Program Pardon Me, Mama Advent #11- Visit Santa ...more

Reverse Schoolology

Elizabeth is absolutely loving school this year. She’s a big fan of big kid school. She loves her class and her teacher ....more

Family Tradition

Tonight while I was making dinner, Elizabeth and Ryan were doing that loud, rough, noisy kind of playing where I keep yelling “you guys better quit it before someone gets hurt!” Obviously they don’t and Ryan threw a block at his sister’s face. (Throwing is his new thing. It’s fun ....more

Friday Night Leftovers- Long Time Edition

•Elizabeth’s special prize was a pencil. A pencil WITH A PURPLE ERASER! I know! ...more

The Special Prize

Elizabeth came home from school today with a story from class. She says that the regular line leader (it’s Bella this week) had already left for the day, so Elizabeth was chosen to be temporary line leader. (The story is already getting exciting! ...more

Pictures, I Hope

Well, I may have actually fixed the picture issue on here so let us give it a try. Related Posts: Arguing with Strangers Friday Night Leftovers- Chicken Time Edition Noise Friday Night Leftovers- PreK and Floors Edition Two Questions ...more

Stainless Steel

First, an item of business. My ability to access my blog via my phone is slightly messed up at the moment and I don’t have time to fix it. So I can’t release comments from moderation or upload pictures or do really anything except write here in plain text ....more