Walmart Grocery Pickup

A few months ago, I started using Walmart’s grocery pickup service and I am here to report on it for you....more

Ryan, Age Three 

Ryan is in a super cute phase right now. He’ll be four in September and he’s right in the middle of peak preschool age kid. He’s small and sweet and cuddly but also old enough to wash his own hands and put away his own shoes ....more

Camp, Part Two

Elizabeth is attending her second week of summer camp for the summer. (Second and last week of summer camp- summer is short this year and camp is expensive.) She’s going to Conservation Camp at Animal Kingdom. Why yes, I am super jealous ....more

She Has a Type

Alex has received several gifts lately, having just had her birthday and all. A good 75% of those gifts have been pouches....more

Birthday Baby 

Unbelievably, it’s been a year since this:...more

Home Automation

This house came with a front door lock with a keypad instead of a key. (Well, it also has a key but no one uses it because why would you if there’s a keypad?) It is so handy. I can set up temporary pass codes for guests or service people ....more

House Tour- Guest Room and Guest Bathroom 

Should I have taken these pictures during the day in natural light? Yes. But let’s move on and ignore that part....more

Disney Errands

Something that blows my mind is that I now sometimes have legitimate errands to run at Disney. Yesterday, I had something to return, the kids needed haircuts (and the barber shop on Main Street is the best kids haircut place around), and I needed a birthday present for a little girl’s upcoming birthday party. So […] Related Posts: Friday Night Leftovers Baby Carousel...more

Jet Update

Tonight Ryan is sleeping with his jet, his car carrier ferry boat, and his (well officially the Easter bunny brought it for Alex but that’s a technicality) submarine. He’s also sleeping kind of sideways because there is barely room for him in there....more

No, My Jet

Tonight Ryan was crying out in his sleep while I was on my way to bed so I went in to check on him. He woke up a little when I came in and he was shifting around in his bed. I took out his giant airplane that he sleeps with now and asked him […] Related Posts: Midnight Wanderings Friday Night Leftovers- Bunny Edition Friday Night Leftovers- School Edition Saturday Night Leftovers...more