Christmas was a great success this year. They slept in until a very reasonable hour (Elizabeth came bouncing in at 7:30am and we had to wake Ryan at eight) and they loved everything. Elizabeth’s big present this year was a dollhouse, doll family, and doll furniture ....more

Santa Key

Our house in Georgia had a fireplace. So Santa always came down the chimney there. This new house doesn’t have a fireplace so obviously Santa needed an alternate entrance ....more

2014 Gingerbread House

We got to it late this year, but we got it done. Ryan and Elizabeth each did half. Elizabeth did a really nice job ....more

Friday Night Leftovers- Again

•I cannot believe Christmas is so close. I know that’s a cliche but really. •I have been staying up late after the kids go to bed to do things like write Christmas letters, assemble Christmas cards, pack up out of state presents, etc ....more

Student of the Month

Obviously, blogs are for bragging when our children are awesome. So may I present the Student of the Month for December? The theme for the month was responsibility so apparently at some point during November, she was responsible while at school ....more


On Sunday, I took the kids to the Grand Floridian at Disney World to see the gingerbread houses and get hot cocoa and cookies. We rode the monorail around the loop and stopped at each of the hotels. The Contemporary has a Frozen themed gingerbread house this year ....more

Picture Test

Now, the real test. Uploading pictures from the mobile app and seeing if they work. (I have faith because Dresden is the best.) < Related Posts: Test Running a Crazy Eye Test Friday Night Leftovers- Morning Edition Day Two- Epcot I’ll See Your Pathetic and Raise You a Forlorn ...more

Now With More Critters

You guys! Dresden fixed my blog! She’s the best! ...more

2014 Christmas Advent Activities

For past year’s Advent Activity Lists, here is 2013, 2012, and 2011. I also have an Advent Activities Pinterest board here. These are in no particular order ....more


Scene: Matt walks into the house. “Hi, sweetie!” he says to Elizabeth. Her response? ...more