School Pick Up Line

We intended to have Elizabeth ride the bus to school this year. And we tried. On the first day, we waited at the bus stop for an hour and no bus ever came ....more

Stone Age Laundry 

Our washing machine is broken. It kept not turning on and displaying an error code and I would keep trying anyway. And it would work for another week and then break for another day ....more

Ahh Dister

Ryan calls Elizabeth “my whoa dister” and he calls Alexandra “my ahh dister.” Whoa means big and ahh means small, of course. (Ahh came from Matt trying to teach him to say “Al” and that’s as far as he got. But he assumed it meant small since she is small and now he uses ahh […] Related Posts: Big Brother Symmetry...more

First Day of First Grade

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Friday Night Leftovers-  Almost School Edition

•I fell asleep in the rocking chair last night and now my shoulders hurt. Sleeping sitting up and not moving is not recommended....more

Elizabeth, Child Therapist

We had speech therapy for Ryan this morning. Obviously Elizabeth has been coming along because school hasn’t started yet. She loves it because it is basically a room full of great toys ....more

Cloth Diapering a Tiny or Premature Baby

Alexandra wasn’t premature but she was as small as a premature baby. She also ended up being sensitive to paper diapers so I switched her to cloth diapers around day seven. She was still around five pounds and nine ounces around then and nothing I had ready in newborn cloth diaper sizes fit....more

Back to School 

School starts next Monday. Elizabeth is going to the charter school near our house and will be taking the bus. I’m trying to think of some fun things to make her day more exciting ....more

Friday Night Leftovers- School Edition

•This has been a busy and crazy week....more

At Least 75% of the Internet is Plagiarized 

Well! We have had an exciting few days over here. Dresden wrote...more