Friday Night Leftovers- Summer Edition

•School isn’t out here until the end of the first week of June. It seems like such a short summer....more

Tiny Hole Update

Remember ages ago when we discussed those tiny holes I (and a lot of you) get in your shirts? We settled on it being something to do with jeans making those little holes. One of you suggested that it was probably the pressure of the button when you lean up against something hard like a […] Related Posts: Buttons and Zippers Handing Down Dressed Giveaway Post- Stitch Wench Teacher Appreciation Week Update ...more

Guest Room Amenities 

I’m finally finishing up the guest room here (ignore for a moment that multiple different people have already stayed in it while it was unfinished.) What are your favorite things to find in a guest room where you are staying? I keep a basket full of sample sized toiletries in our guest bathroom, plus bottled […] Related Posts: Still Miles to Go Babies in Dresser Drawers Friday Night Leftovers- Elizabeth Sleep Edition Easter Basket Ideas Friday Night Leftovers- Stomach Bug Edition ...more

Baby Yoga

My gym sent out an email yesterday saying they were going to start a Tuesday evening Adult & Child Yoga class. Well, it’s my gym because the fees for it are included in our homeowners association fees. So I can go there in theory ....more

Dollars for Sleep Update

It is actually going really well. She’s definitely motivated by the concrete reward system, plus something she can see, to help her stay in bed....more

Friday Night Leftovers- iRobot Edition

•Roombas continue to be the best things ever. My downstairs one is running right now and I am lying in bed listening to it vacuum on my behalf. •I also have the upstairs one and I run it every afternoon too....more

Playroom Cleaning Tip

Target currently has these buckets in the dollar spot for $3. (They are drink buckets and tend to show up around 4th of July and Saint Patrick’s Day.) I suggest storing one in your playroom/toy location and teaching your kids to use it to clean up. It’s really handy to carry it around the […] Related Posts: Friday Night Leftovers- Random Cleaning Tidbits Apparently...more

A Dollar for Two Stones

Elizabeth gets picked up by me every day because there is no bus service to our neighborhood. The car rider line is long and to be at the front of it, you have to get there an hour and a half before school gets out and…no. So I get to school when school lets out […] Related Posts: Friday Night Leftovers- Even Later Edition Kindergarten Pick Up School Germs Four Year Old Worries Now With More Critters ...more

Friday Night Leftovers- She Never Sleeps Edition

•Elizabeth never sleeps. No matter what time I put her to bed, she never falls asleep until 9:30-10:00pm. Tonight it was more like 10:30....more

Teacher Appreciation Week Update

Here’s what we actually ended up doing for teacher appreciation week....more