Someone is just a little excited about this baby sister thing....more

Kindergarten Graduate 

I mean, kind of. It wasn’t really an official graduation ceremony, more an end of year show, and she still has three more days of school left. But Elizabeth had her end of year performance today ....more

Whoa Mmms

I keep a bag of tiny lollipops in the car for occasional bribes. Since Ryan and I spend so much time taking Elizabeth to and from school every day, I sometimes toss them a morning lollipop so that Ryan doesn’t grow to hate the car. This morning, they each had one on the way to […] Related Posts: School Award Ceremony...more

Me Hide

Ryan thinks it is hilarious to run into his bedroom before I get there and hide from me. He thinks he is so clever and so funny!...more

Sleeping Dibits

Elizabeth has been falling asleep with the iPad playing a children’s guided meditation sleep track on lately (it’s...more


Matt asked Elizabeth if she was more excited to be getting a baby sister than she would be if she were getting another baby brother. Her answer was a very diplomatic “well…” Clearly she knew better than to actually say so, but her brother’s main failing in her eyes is his lack of participation in […] Related Posts: Valentine Well, He’ll Obviously Need a Car Exchange Program Three...more

Friday Night Leftovers- Summer Edition

•School isn’t out here until the end of the first week of June. It seems like such a short summer....more

Tiny Hole Update

Remember ages ago when we discussed those tiny holes I (and a lot of you) get in your shirts? We settled on it being something to do with jeans making those little holes. One of you suggested that it was probably the pressure of the button when you lean up against something hard like a […] Related Posts: Buttons and Zippers Handing Down Dressed Giveaway Post- Stitch Wench Teacher Appreciation Week Update ...more

Guest Room Amenities 

I’m finally finishing up the guest room here (ignore for a moment that multiple different people have already stayed in it while it was unfinished.) What are your favorite things to find in a guest room where you are staying? I keep a basket full of sample sized toiletries in our guest bathroom, plus bottled […] Related Posts: Still Miles to Go Babies in Dresser Drawers Friday Night Leftovers- Elizabeth Sleep Edition Easter Basket Ideas Friday Night Leftovers- Stomach Bug Edition ...more

Baby Yoga

My gym sent out an email yesterday saying they were going to start a Tuesday evening Adult & Child Yoga class. Well, it’s my gym because the fees for it are included in our homeowners association fees. So I can go there in theory ....more