Sibling Sweetness

Today, Elizabeth stubbed her toe after school and was crying in the living room. Ryan was in the dining room having his share of the after school snack. I was rocking Elizabeth on the couch when Ryan showed up with the last piece of his doughnut for his big sister, to make her feel better ....more

Kindergarten Pick Up

Elizabeth gets out of school at 3:55pm. (I know. It’s soooo late.) Her school is a K-8 school and it’s pretty large ....more

Moved In

Well, all of us and all our stuff now lives in our house. Most of our stuff is still in boxes and still in chaos, but we are getting closer. I found the silverware today, so that’s helpful ....more

First (and Second) Day of Kindergarten

Elizabeth loved her first day of school. She was pretty nervous in the morning, but Ryan and I went inside with her and waited in the cafeteria with her class until it was time for them to go up to her room. She made friends with the little girl next to her and by the […] Related Posts: Four Year Old Worries Friday Night Leftovers- Touching All The Stuff First Day of School (Kind Of) Friday Night Leftovers- End of School Edition Poor Scheduling ...more

Moving Upheaval

Somehow I have done terrible at posting this summer. Things have just been too unbalanced for me to feel like I have time to sit and write. Which is odd because I have also been bored more often since we still aren’t in our house yet and I have few friends or activities ....more

Betwixt the Two

Tonight I took the kids to Panera for dinner. Elizabeth ordered a ham and cheese sandwich (with mayonnaise of course) and Ryan ordered nothing because he can’t talk yet and isn’t tall enough to reach the counter. Ryan was eating my soup using the toothpick from my sandwich (like you do) ....more

I Know, Right?

So, unintentionally long blog break there, huh? Oops. Normally I blog at night and I was too tired with all the move stuff lately ....more


Let me begin by saying that I understand that things happen and these kinds of things are to be expected. But now I am going to vent. Our house is on the market ....more

Snack Thief

On the last morning of tennis camp, I was sitting in a row of chairs with my two neighbors, watching the tennis players. Ryan said “eh eh eh” and pointed at the cars, indicating that he would like a snack. So I took him by the hand and we went up to the car to […] Related Posts: Tennis Camp I Need a Surprise! ...more

Tennis Camp

Elizabeth is doing tennis camp this week (it’s a day camp for little kids, ages 4-6, for an hour and a half in the mornings) and she’s pretty happy with it. Two friends of mine in the neighborhood also have their kids in it, so we are team momming it. The two friends have older […] Related Posts: Friday Night Leftovers- End of School Edition Summer Camp, Day Thirteen Summer Camp, Day Six First Day of School (Kind Of) Summer Camp, Day Two ...more