30 AFTER 30... The Adventure List

30 AFTER 30 (…the Adventure List)november 15, 2013 by jennifer kaufman 1 comment...more

The Beauty of Community Lies in its Fragility

 wrote some about the beauty of community in Part One.  I believe everything I wrote.  It really is amazing, and I’m so thankful for the impact it regularly has on our family....more

Thirty is not too old...

I’m turning THIRTY in eleven days.  I know that for some of you, several years have passed since that milestone.  For a few of you, you’re just barely on either side of it and can relate.  For others still, I’ve officially become old....more

Book Review: Jeff Goins "The In-Between"

“I really don’t like to read.”That’s been my chorus for much of my adult life.  Interesting, right, for one so deeply in love with words?...more

Authenticity vs Holiness

Are you just a wife and mom?

My husband and I will celebrate our ten year anniversary in June.  Ten years!  And while we hardly have it all (anything?) figured out, darn it if I am not still crazy about him....more

Thankful - from a different perspective.

"Our house is brick and very safe...""We live in a nice neighborhood with very friendly people...""Mommy and Daddy are both home...""We'll leave your lights on all night...""God is with us all the time."...more

That I Would be Good

The Gift of Going First

At a conference I recently attended, author and speaker Jon Acuff said something that beautifully packages what I want my life (and this space) to represent.He said, "Your willingness to be vulnerable gives others the beautiful gift of going second."...more

My (Not So) Dirty Little Secret

I sat curled up on a chair in a corner of our cold, unfinished basement, sobbing - simultaneously hoping my husband would come to my rescue and never find me there.  It was just too much; I couldn’t do it anymore....more