Ranch sliders and meat deals

In my crazy yet minor obsession with coupons, I recently learned that Stop & Shop has a few clip-able coupons that give you even more savings than just their in-store deals! For example; this week, 80/20% ground beef is one of these coupons. The way we eat meat in this house, I needed this one! Savings tip: Buy meat in bulk and either create multiple dishes at once or separate it & label a freezer bag to remind you ie: “2# chop meat for burgers or chili”. Time and Sanity saver: Burgers are great to make ahead! Be sure to wrap them tightly, and freeze them....more

Winterizing Your Lawn Without a Service

 Friday brought lots of rain  to us here in NJ; which reminded me of a conversation with a friend about applying fertilizers, and  that I've neglected to "feed" our lawn since summer.Harnessing my inner "Martha"  a while back I saved the schedule of applications from lawn care salesman, started my online research which reminded me to check out the Scotts website ....more

Protecting your pregnant friends, naturally

  Today I was reading a back issue of one of my favorite new magazines and learned a few things. Maybe old news to many, but new to me.   A very dear friend of mine is pregnant with her third baby, and a very busy Mom & business owner. I think I'm the "greenest" of my friends (its lonely sometimes)....more