Go First, But Don't Put Yourself First

Go First - But Don't Put Yourself First No gives us a manual on marriage and no human has all the answers....more
" ... and let it begin with me."  Powerful thoughts, and a wonderful take on true love.  :-)more

Handle With Care

  Emotions are at the wheel and our world is out of control. In just 35 years,I can't help but notice that we as a society are becoming increasingly emotionally driven....more

Pressure Points

Pressure Points   I tend to worry, I tend to over think things - a lot. My parents are both worriers and I have struggled with worrying my whole life, even as a child. Because I expect a lot out of myself, I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself to get it right and frankly I fail more times than I care to count....more
Hey there. Jennifer! Love this post in its sincerity and depth. VERY nice. I could relate to ...more

Starving for Information

Starving for Information   I like to write, but I also love to read. I especially love to read in order to learn from the experiences and ideas of others....more

The Perfect Parent

Yesterday, my oldest daughter and I had what someone might call a "Come to Jesus Meeting". She has gone over and around my rules regarding makeup more times than I can count and it was time that I stop shielding her from the consequences of her actions. She's only twelve - old enough to follow instructions but not quite old enough to make her own rules, and of course she thinks she knows what's best for her better than I do. Her excuse was something like, "I did it because I don't like the way I look when I do it your way." Before I...more

It Takes Time

It Takes Time   I fall on my face A LOT. And when I get back up and try again, it isn't long before I fall again. Again and again I fall and become wounded and again and again I get back up and wonder how much more falling I can take. Thoughts creep in causing me to doubt and I grow weary....more

Every Little Thing Counts

Do you ever ask yourself, " Does it really matter if I do the right thing, no matter how small?" I think we all must do that from time to time, especially in dealing with those mundane daily tasks like making supper or bathin...more

Cry Baby

The pressure is on us everywhere we go to be something we're not. We put up a strong exterior when we're falling apart inside. We hold back our tears, convinced that if we let anyone see them we're weak....more

No More Pretending

 I've hit rock bottom so many times over the course of my life, and many of those have occurred after of which I was saved. I don't know many people who haven't, but I know many who try to hide it. It's the normal human reaction. We humans hurt, and it seems to me that that's what we do best. But is it not just as common that we tend to get hung up in our own hurt to the extent of which we can't see the hurt of those around us, or anything else for that matter?...more

Lukewarm vs. Boldness

Lukewarm vs. Boldness   If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me....more
Oh how I needed this today! What a great post~ You have officially motivated me with this one! ...more