Raising Alpha

I learned recently of a young woman  who has changed her name to Thomas. She told her family she feels like a man, and while she continues to wear her hair in a "girl" style, date a boy...her name is now legally Thomas. She is 19. Wonder what that is all about? Of course there are people who do genuinely feel they have been born into the wrong gender, and that is an entirely different topic. Not this one. This person still retains her female anatomy, doesn't necessarily dress like a man and she is dating a boy....more

Job Hunting...A Bit Like Dating Really

I am mentoring the most adorable, clever intern this summer. And just today, we discussed how women are paid less than their male counterparts (oh yes, still, something like 20% isn't it) partly because we don't negotiate like they do. She would like to stay here. Her boss would like her to stay here. Of course, I would love for her to stay here, she is very capable and has an astounding work ethic for a college junior. But as HR sometimes does...they are dragging their feet, disorganized and not helpful....more

Would You Hire Someone Better Than You?

Would you be okay with hiring someone better than you? I'm fairly new at this company, which is doing sufficiently well to warrant a bit of a hiring frenzy in certain areas. It is not a perfect company on the technology side (the business model is darn close to perfect for the space), but it is a fantastic place to work. So I referred some of my colleagues who are still at my previous shop, which was a hard place and getting harder. One of them is getting called already by HR. The other, more senior one...not yet....more

Gardening with the Babies

This weekend, my children and I decided the overgrown garden needed our help. They are always very eager for fun garden activities - like harvesting the strawberries - but I didn't think I was going to get such enthusiasm when I asked for help this time. The middle one, who is 7, said she wanted Mama time and offered to come and help me with the weeds....more

What Have I Learned about Managing My Career?

I never mind making mistakes as long as I learn from them. My most recent mistake was staying in my old role about six months too long....more

Midnight in Paris - Soupcon de la vie en rose

soupçon de la vie en rose... I am not a movie reviewer, and I don't even usually get to go to movies for grown-ups. My dear friend and I sneaked in a chick date yesterday and as we both love Paris and speak French, we thought Midnight in Paris sounded like a fun treat. I am not sure which o...more

Project Nice

Project Nice started as a personal inside joke, a way to stay sane while I adjusted to British culture. I'm Southern, and when I first moved over there the reserve baffled me (nine years later only my friends knew I was American so I did adapt). They don't make eye contact, and the social structure was at the time rather rigid....more

It doesn't hurt to smile or brightens one day. I love Project Nice!more

Diet Soda No More

Diet Soda, I am *so* over you! I started drinking diet soda in my teens. I started drinking soda around age 4....more

Just add a little lemon or grapefruit for flavour :)more

Bubble Girl Meets Reality Check: Yes Virginia, Some Dorks DO (Still) Harass Women!

I have just realized that I live in a bubble. I am now in my 5th Fortune 500 Company, actually 6th if you count that I worked in the London and US entities for Citigroup...and today I read two blog posts that have me shaking my head. First this one: Cigna  where the woman doesn't get the promotion because she's "aggressive"....more

Although I admit a violent option appeals very strongly - especially if I met a donut boy (or a ...more

How I Make My Life Work (most of the time)

Right now I'm juggling a job in Manhattan at a very exciting firm, four kids, a wonderful husband, a 90 minute commute, a dog, cat and eleven chickens and some truly amazing friends. I love it. I get asked a lot how I make this work. I'm taking no credit for the fact that most of the time, it works. Really!...more