My Faithful Companion: Sugar Addiction

Maybe because it was my last stop for the day or maybe it was because I’m absent minded by nature but the other evening I found myself standing in the frozen food aisle of Trader Joe’s utterly confused. I had stopped to pick up a few things for the next day’s dinner. We were having friends over and I wanted it to be special ....more

We did it!!! (And I even managed a few workouts.)

We did it! We drove from Key West to Alaska! When we started out I had all these grand intentions of working out in amazing locations ....more

Kettlebells and Canada

Hi there! I haven’t disappeared on the Alaska Highway. We are still making our way up to Alaska from Key West, FL ....more

Girl Hero Brandi

Never forget you will go as far as you believe you can so make your goals big! – Brandi Brandi understands the challenge of overcoming bad habits and...more

Girl Hero Danny-J

Learning about how other women find balance and achieve their health goals inspires and motivates me and I can’t think of a better Girl Hero than Danny-J to relaunch the Girl Hero features! It’s always fun to connect with people who share common interests so when I learned that Danny from the Sweaty Betties was soon to be living on the road I had to know more. Currently, Danny lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband of seven years and they are “still wild about each other” ....more

Big News and Body Image

So here’s our big news… We are going to ALASKA!!! We are not just going to Alaska we are making it an epic road trip of 6000 miles from Key West to Alaska. I’m so excited! ...more

Life Lately – Finding a New “Normal” with Baby

Hello from the Florida keys! This is one of our favorite places to visit. It’s were I filmed my Florida kettlebell workout two years ago ....more

Welcome Thing 3!!!!

Thing 3 was born at home in our RV on April 12th. It was by far the most painful but also one of the most beautiful and empowering experiences in my life. We had a birth photographer so as soon as I get those pictures and can find the time I’ll share the story ....more

The Birth of Thing 2 – My Successful Vbac

So I’ve been eating pineapple and dates, walking, doing spinning babies exercises (don’t ask), and spent more time on my hands and knees these last few weeks than I have in my entire life. (I really should have invested in knee pads.) I’ve also turned in all my Go RVing assignments, written a few drafts for my blogs, cleaned the RV multiple times, and stocked my fridge and freezer with food. I even trimmed my bangs just in case I was subconsciously being stressed out by them and besides labor is uncomfortable enough without being poked in the eyes ....more

The Less Than Perfect Birth of My Perfect Baby, Thing 1 (and what I learned from my “emergency c-section”)

Still no baby here. My “due date” isn’t until April 5th so while I’m more than ready for his arrival and really uncomfortable I’m not worried. After all due dates are really just...more