why infidelity

you broke us, you broke all that was good, you broke the precious bond of sharing a home with a family our family you, me, our children that long for a cocoon of love was it ever real, or was it always a means to find an end, did you ever love me, i am broken and flawed but so are you how is it so easy to find another bed, beside another woman, to rest your head  did it occur to you that your family was hurting while you were holding another   ...more
Found this websitevia a friend who is involved in this story. Talk about the ultimate revenge.  ...more

She Let Go


Souffle...what...you aren't so fancy!

My first home attempt of a fancy smancy Souffle...flavors of Grand Marnier and Chocolate Cabernet both served with Creme Anglais!  Please enjoy my little photo diary ;-)  ...more

la Buche de Noel

The history of one of the most famous French pastries can be traced back to Celtic tradition in celebration of the winter solstice.  On this day the Celts would search for a large piece of wood to burn as a symbol of the rebirth of the sun and a thanks for the suns return to the Earth. ...more

Chronicles of French Culinary Education

First of all I am loving my saturated culinary life in a French kitchen, deep in the Heart of Texas, I am tired, but if you love what you do....its all relative. We had a fast and furious evening that included me, myself, and I preparing the escargot!  That's right, I punched holes in the little slippery suckers, made the special butter, and prepped many, many small pans similar to the image below.  It was awesome, fairly laborious, and totally worth it! ...more

How Great Thou Art

To Eggnog or to Eggnog...Homemade vs. Pre-made

I am not a sweet drink lover, but always look forward to eggnog at Christmastime.  Below you will find a medley of eggnog recipes from Martha, to a fancy Home based Mixologist, to my Aunt Debbie and her Blue Bell Vanilla ice cream Eggnog.  Please enjoy some eggnog admiring!  Martha Stewart Traditional Eggnog Recipe...more

Fancy French Restaurant Internship Survival

Well its official, I have survived two days and have been awarded a permanent spot on the schedule of a Fancy French Restaurant in a world renowned and regarded very French kitchen!  The behind the scenes are pretty amazing, so much to learn, first and foremost a language barrier, so I have my trusty Apps downloaded on my Iphone "Learn French" and the "French today translator" ...also, working in the South you need a Spanish translator, it makes me feel a buzz of excitement to have so much diversity around.  ...more

What shall I be when I grow up.....

  I have always sat in amazement of my friends/family, most of society, who shall remain nameless, that just seem to know what they want to be when they grow up and forge ahead in what seems to an outsider, complete acceptance that this is their destiny.... ...more

Easy Christmas Morning Strata

 This is my version of a quick Breakfast Strata, it is a fantastic meal for Christmas morning!  ...more