6 Black Women Idris Elba Can Date Who Still Have Edges

The Internet exploded yesterday when news broke that fine ass Idris Elba had broken up with his girlfriend and the mother of his child Nayiana Garth (sorry boo, I really sort of am). And, while everyone started plotting on this man’s body parts, I heard that he might be already seeing someone who is gorgeous but...more

Watch this video of the crunkest sitting judge you’ll ever see

Every police officer who thinks they might get away with undue abuse of black folks in America needs to know that judges like the Honorable Judge Vonda Evans of Detroit’s Wayne County Circuit are out there and they will come at you will the full force of the law. I just know that defendant was thinking that he went to the wrong courtroom and was somehow dealing with Judge Lyn Toller from Divorce Court instead of Judge Vonda Evans. She proceeded to read him for filth, ending with the question “2015? ...more

This Girl’s Floor Exercise Is The Blackest Thing You’ll See This Week

Gymnastics is known for many things: grace, acrobatics, skill, precision. But...more

Beyoncé’s New Video For “Formation” Is A Sign The Black Y2k Is Coming

There was so much blackness in the video that the universe is going to experience a blackness eclipse. Beyoncé...more

Jazmine Sullivan and the ‘Injustice’ Paid To Black Soul Singers

I love black people. I love black music. I love that Motown sound, that in the pocket, that slow groove, that bass, and that flow ....more

Let’s Stop Centering Whiteness in Black History Month

One of the earliest critiques I can remember hearing about the existence of a “Black History Month” was a freckle-faced, blonde-haired girl in my third grade class saying, “Isn’t it everyone’s history? Why is it only ‘Black’ history?” While her innocent question was, in many respects, completely valid, it still runs counter to how many non-Black people actually engage with the month-long celebration. From the annual Black-ified commercials from oppressive companies like McDonald‘s and Walmart to the gratuitous television events and series that play on loop during the month, Black History Month (BHM) often feels like the time when non-Black...more

The Diversity of the SAG Awards Brought Out the Racism of #SAGsSoBlack

It’s always funny to me how racists come out of the woodwork whenever they think they have the least...more

If you wear shirts that spell “NI**ER” with your friends, you actually are racist

Last Friday, a photo surfaced of six White girls wearing black shirts with gold lettering. When standing in a line, the letters spelled “N-I-*-*-E-R.” It was clearly meant to reference the n-word. It wasn’t until after the Snapchat photo received national attention, the girls were suspended, and protesters began to call for their expulsion that any of them even came forward to take responsibility for their actions ....more

B.o.B Thinks The Earth Is Flat On His Neil DeGrasse Tyson “Diss Track”

The new leader of freethinking has arrived. And his name is...more

The Oscar Academy Changed the Rules But Still Doesn’t Get It

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced new...more