Let him cry

I really, REALLY, hate it when my husband is right. This is probably mostly due to the fact that I don't like to admit when I'm wrong. Me, wrong? Psh. Sadly, it turns out that I can't be right all of the time and, though I often like to boast of my mad intuition and superspectacular parenting skills to those who feel the need to offer me free advice, even I can fall prey to the beguiling of my precious. ...more

I'm with ya!  We let our son cry it out after eight months of waking up between 2-5 times a ...more

I don't FIND the time

How many times have I been asked, "How do you find the time to do that?"? I can't even count. My friends want to know how I have the time to read this book or that one. They wonder aloud how I manage to post so many blogs. (I post at least one a day, sometimes more, between here, Paramomal, and MySpace.) I only have one answer. I don't find the time. I make the time. ...more

Smoking- Public Health or Personal Choice

I read Mir's blog on the topic of Obama's smoking and commented on it. I think it was only yesterday. I had commented that I really felt it was none of my business if a person wants to smoke. When I went back today there was a new comment. This comment pointed out that smoking is a matter of public concern because, while it is some other person's CHOICE to smoke, the non-smoker does not CHOOSE to inhale second-hand smoke. ...more

The Living

With the recent deaths of some much-loved celebrities came the onslought of memorials. Be it a large memorial service or several small shrines in cities nationwide, admiration of these individuals has been publicly displayed. And all of this made me think. It made me think about how little we appreciate people when they are actually around to be touched by our love. ...more

At least you will know, when he dies, that he knows how you feel. And that is VERY important for ...more

This isn't my mom body

When I joined BlogHer last week, I also joined a few groups of particular interest to get me started. One of those groups was 'This is my "mom body" not my real one.' My son is five months old, quickly approaching six months. And I've been having some "trouble" getting my body into the kind of shape that I want. But a light has come on in my head tonight that tells me my "trouble" is not at all related to my son or the birthing of him. ...more

Hits close to home

 I was reading the latest edition of Parenting magazine last night while my husband was busy trying to get the baby to sleep. Well, I say I was reading when really I was skimming. As I flipped through the pages, this headline caught my eye : "homeless in the suburbs". The piece was on several families who were hopping to different churches and relatives houses to sleep,bathe,and live. They had lost their homes due to lay-offs and job losses. ...more