Pretty amazing giveaway happening on my other blog!

If you love books, you have GOT to head over to my author blog and enter this contest!!!!...more

The Game Changer and a GIVEAWAY!

The Game Changer is coming out in two months people!  TWO! MONTHS! I know you all hate waiting, but it will fly by and be here before you know it and then we'll all be sad that we aren't looking forward to it anymore. Right?!  That's how I felt about Reckless by S.C. Stephens!  Counting down like crazy... waiting, waiting, waiting.. and then BOOM! It was here. And now it's gone. And it's sad.  (I love you Shannon) ...more

The Game Changer- now available for pre order

Amazon has the pre order link live for THE GAME CHANGER.  Please remember that this book is a follow up story to The Perfect Game.  :) So basically, it's MORE Jack F'n Carter!  And Cassie!  And Dean!  And Melissa!  And it comes out on JUNE 25th!!!! I'm really freaking excited. And nervous.  It's true.  Alright, the pre order link.  Here it is!  :)  ...more

I Signed a deal with AMAZON!

You have been waiting for sooooooooooooo long to hear the release date for THE GAME CHANGER, right?!  I am sorry that it's taken me forever to announce this, but as these things tend to go, publishing deals take time and there are contracts and points and things to go over and deadlines to meet, etc.  Did I say publishing deal? I DID!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)  ...more

I went to Boston and All I got was...

freezeburn.  JK So.. I'm back from Boston and well... I'm exhausted!!!! Boston was great!  Amazing!  Wonderful!  Exciting!  AND COLD!  Really, mother f'n COLD!  And I was INSIDE!  lol ...more

My heart

My  If you were to take my heart out of my chest and hold it to your ear, you would not hear the sound of coins jingling around the sides. Nor would you hear the crumpled sound of paper dollar bills brushing up against the edges. No. If you held my heart up to your ear, you would hear the sound of my Love, my Joy, my Pain, my Heartache, my Heartbreak, my Success, my Failure, my Triumphs, my Laughter, ...more

Book Paintings!

Book paintings?! What the heck is a book painting you ask?  Many moons ago in a land called Instagram there lived a painter, an author and a reader.  One day the reader tagged the author in a sketch of The Perfect Game and the author proceeded to ask intelligent questions like: OH MY GOD!  WHAT IS THIS?!?!?!? IS THIS A SKETCH?!?!? AND THEN IT BECOMES A PAINTING?!?!? ARE YOU GETTING THE PERFECT GAME AS A PAINTING??!?!! OMG, CAN I GET TPG ...more

New Adult Books

I have a question for all you readers out there (and authors too)... What does the term "new adult" mean to you? ...more


You guys!!!! YOU GUYS!!!!!! YOU GUYS!!!!!!! Can you hear me YELLING?!?!??!?!?  :) The Perfect Game has sold over 100,000 copies!!!!! One. Hundred. Thousand. Copies. *please send some hot guy over with a fan and grapes cause i'm about to faint* ...more

Why it takes so long to write a dang book!

I know that some of you don't understand WHY the heck it takes so long to write a book!  Some other authors seem to bust out a book a month- which is awesome for them... unfortunately, i'm not one of them. I thought i'd tell you the two biggest things that take up my time because you've probably never even thought about it before.  ...more