I Don't Trust You, I Don't Believe in You, I'm Your Teacher.

Today, a teacher and an administrator told my high school child he is not trustworthy or responsible. Then they told me that they HAD to give him that message, it was board policy....more

It's Not About the Weiner, Weiner!

Kristen Schaal said it best on The Daily Show when she said,"Men have to realize that their penis has far more power over them than it does over us." ...more

It's Not What I AM That's the Problem...

I finally figured it out.All the talk about childhood obesity has always discomfited me, and I couldn't figure out why.  I was a fat kid.  I grew up to be a fat adult.  While I've had temporary successes fighting my food issues, I will probably always be obese and certainly will always be overweight by medical standards.  So I wrote off my unease about all the childhood obesity talk to my own unhappiness about my own situation. But today I figured it out. ...more

I know the blame the parent game. My daughter has a friend who is the only chubby girl in a ...more

Let's Bring Physical Education to the Classroom

My child took her reading classes in a closet.  They moved aside the boxes (they couldn't remove them because there was no where else to put them, so they stacked them up against the walls) and brought in a little table and tiny chairs, and that closet was where she went for her reading group. Fun....more