There’s probably a better way

I woke up this morning to the smell of rain in the air and a trail of muddy footprints from the doggy door in the kitchen throughout the entire house. ...more

Night is the time for bed.

Daylight Savings has done a number on me this year. ...more

Dressed to Thrill

I packed my two big kids off to high school in Anime-inspired costumes this morning: And then I sent my youngest off to middle school in a subversive knitted costume, because they don’t allow dressing up except during a specific parade during the day: The hubs went off to work in full Giants regalia in celebration of the World Series win this year. ...more

Call me Chip.

I woke up bleary and fuzzy one day last week, with a vague feeling of Oh No settling in my chest. Not for any reason in particular, mind you. ...more

Joy, of the almond variety

‘Tis the season of the Fun Size bar. Here we are, just a few days removed from Halloween, and I don’t know if my kids are even going to trick-or-treat this year. The oldest is going to a party being put on for high schoolers by the Gay-Straight Alliance or something ....more

Speak slowly and clearly

Having three internet and mobile savvy kids and a mom who works online means that we embrace some of the more common memes (and some of the less common ones as well) as part of our family joking around with one another. That’s all well and good, until my husband gets involved, and we end up trying to explain the incomprehensible to someone who is dead set on being literal, just to tick the rest of us off. ...more


We’re into the Month of Jenny, as I like to call my birthday month, and I’m 42. ...more

Alternative Fitness

My oldest is taking an Alternative Fitness class this year at high school. ...more

Whatever, Kim.

The other day, the kids and I stopped to get some snacks at the convenience store on the way home. I sent them in with a fist full of dollars and instructions to bring me some of those sweet onion potato chips I like. They did, and they also brought me a Coke, to be shared with “Kim.” That campaign cracks me up ....more


It is 75 degrees and muggy today. ...more