My son just celebrated his 16th birthday on Labor Day. ...more

Summer 2016 Recap

Wow. ...more

Spring Fever

The kids are out of school next week for Spring Break, and after a couple of good rainstorms that California desperately needed, the skies are once again blue. The weather is absolutely perfect, and I’m loving looking out the window from my desk and watching the leaves opening on the trees, and the blue sky beyond. Still, seeing the gorgeous outside is triggering my senioritis a bit early this year ....more

I’m getting a cold.

My kids have all been sick and missing school for a day here and there. ...more

Overachieving underachiever

Alright 2016, I’m ready for you to just chill out for a bit. ...more

You’re not behind, just start where you are

2015 was the year of getting things done, but, like, in a really messy, disorganized way. I had my gall bladder out last January. My job has been a white-water rapids – exciting, turbulent and always full of furious paddling ....more

Don’t blink, they said.

My son is 15 now. ...more

Back to School 2015

It’s a pretty good indicator of how my week is going that my youngest started her first day of 7th grade yesterday, and we were shopping for a backpack the night before at 8pm. ...more

Summertime, and the living is easy (for kids)

I had a three day weekend, and boy howdy, was it appreciated. Things have been a little ragged lately – my calendar looks like an enthusiastic graffiti artist had a good time with it. ...more

Somehow, it’s June.

Summer break from school is here, suddenly. Yesterday morning, the kids slept in and then had different plans for the afternoon – my youngest had a pool party to attend, my oldest wanted my help to create a resume so she could apply for her first job this summer, and my son planned to catch up with friends online and make plans for seeing the first showing of Jurassic World next week. ...more