Don’t blink, they said.

My son is 15 now. ...more

Back to School 2015

It’s a pretty good indicator of how my week is going that my youngest started her first day of 7th grade yesterday, and we were shopping for a backpack the night before at 8pm. ...more

Summertime, and the living is easy (for kids)

I had a three day weekend, and boy howdy, was it appreciated. Things have been a little ragged lately – my calendar looks like an enthusiastic graffiti artist had a good time with it. ...more

Somehow, it’s June.

Summer break from school is here, suddenly. Yesterday morning, the kids slept in and then had different plans for the afternoon – my youngest had a pool party to attend, my oldest wanted my help to create a resume so she could apply for her first job this summer, and my son planned to catch up with friends online and make plans for seeing the first showing of Jurassic World next week. ...more

Sweet 16

My oldest daughter, my first baby turned sixteen on March 25th. ...more

Tripping over the past

When my mother-in-law passed away in 2012, I spent the first days after emptying drawers, tossing out expired bingo cards and forgotten lotions and gathering together a lifetime of memorabilia, with the intent to scan all the photos and newspaper clippings, digitize the dozens of boxes of slides, and in general, preserve these things so they could be easily shared with other members of the family. I brought home a massive box with us, and it has lived on the floor of my closet for the last several years. ...more

A Volcano of TMI

So, I had my gallbladder removed on January 16th. ...more


I’ve developed some weird emotional responses over the years. Crying at parades (any parades) and fireworks started happening after I had my first kid. Any music with a swooping crescendo makes me choke up....more


In my quest to win Best Wife Of The Year 2015, I got up at 3am and drove my husband to the airporter bus stop. ...more

In with a whimper

Normally, this time of year is when I recommit to writing. ...more