Calling All The Single Ladies! Enter to win the Date With Ryan Giveaway!

Yes - you read that headline correctly! And no my site did not get hacked again. I am actually doing a giveaway for a Date with Ryan! Stick with me ladies, I promise this will make sense once you read this whole post. This started as a simple idea this week. I have been wanting to work with more brands to do giveaways on my blog so I sent out at tweet reaching out to brands.The tweet went like this: Looking for more products to review on my website, any brands interested in reaching a female market, please contact me!...more

10 Simple Tips to Lower Your Food Bill When You Cook For Yourself

If you live alone like I do, coming up with new things to make each week can become challenging and really annoying when you are hungry and just want to eat. Most recipes serve a family of four, it's hard to find recipes for just one person. But don't despair, follow these 10 tips to cook for one and save money in the process....more
I've long wished for a cookbook for one, a book devoted to easy, rounded meals for a single ...more

Your Thoughts: Is it a Good Idea to Loan Money To A Friend, or Better Yet, a Boyfriend?

[Editor's Note: Ever really needed that pro/con list from an unbiased third party while deciding whether or not to loan money to a friend or significant other? Bookmark this list -- you never know when you're going to need it. -Rita] ...more
I don't loan money to friends or family, ever. If they need a loan - like really need it - I ...more

What Every Woman Should Know About Personal Finance: How To Create A Budget

Maybe you've experimented with developing a budget but failed. Or else you have just never really considered viewing your spending habits before. It doesn't matter what your life-predicament is right now, making a household budget may appear intimidating. However, a straightforward and easy-to-follow budget is actually simple to create! ...more

I need a budget to help me enjoy spending money! Seriously - I can't spend a dime without ...more

5 Money Saving Tips That Will Also Help You Lose Weight in 2011

1. Cut out soda- Period. That means diet soda too. Soda offers no nutritional value and is expensive considering it provides you with nothing!...more

Doctor Dohner Still Charges $5 For a Visit in Rushville, IL

Take a look at this video. It’s from my hometown of Rushville, IL where the local doctor, Dr. Dohner, is still working at the age of 85. He has been a doctor in Rushville for 55 years and still only charges $5 per visit! Watch this video for the full story:...more

Generic vs. Name Brand – What’s the Difference?

When I was at my parents for Thanksgiving, the local news channel ran a story on generic food vs. name brand food. They took in the obvious factors of price and taste and asked, "can you really taste the difference?". Take a look at those videos here: Generic vs Name Brand Part 1 ...more

Traveling Over The Holiday Season? 4 Quick Tips To Travel Cheaper

My post yesterday was about making the “coming home” part of traveling a little bit easier after the holiday season. Today I thought I’d touch on how to travel cheaper during the holiday season (or any time for that matter)....more

Newsflash – Just Because You Get a Raise, Doesn’t Mean You’ll Get Out of Debt

Does it surprise you that when most people get a raise, they end up spending just as much, or more so they never really get ahead? How many times have you told yourself “if I just made $5,000 or $10,000 more a year, we’d be set”"? My church recently did a message series on Margin and one of the topics was Finding Margin in your Finances....more

The More We Make, The More We Spend

Why is that? I talked about this in my post yesterday, Newsflash – Just Because You Get a Raise Doesn’t Mean You’ll Get Out of Debt but I wanted to revisit it again today because I think it is such an important topic....more