Is the Past Still Haunting You?

Do you often refer back to some experience in the past to base your present time decisions on?  Do you look back at those times and give advice to others based on what happened "back then"?  I believe everyone does this to some degree. Think about it...  Our "experience" is our knowledge of what works and what doesn't.  But what if you are living in fear from part or all of that experience?  For instance, you were cheated on in an old relationship.  Now, you worry about the new guy cheating so you act with precaution....more

How do you get motivated?

Ah, yes, the fifty million dollar question.  I cannot tell you how many times I've heard this or "I just can't get motivated."  I do understand, believe me!  It's not often that I feel unmotivated but it has occurred during certain rough periods in my life.  It's like... no matter how bad you SHOULD be doing something or NEED to do something, you just can't muster up the motivation to do it!...more

Do the Holidays Remind You of a Loved One that's Passed?

Last night I saw an aunt I haven't seen in a long time.  It had been so long that looking at her now reminded me of my late grandmother because she looked and acted so much like her.  Even her facial expressions were similar.  Have you ever wished you could just have one more day with someone? One more hour?  5 minutes?  Well for some reason this was like getting that....more

Does Confidence Help You Make More Money?

Absolutely!!  How?  The more confidence you have, the more certainty and conviction you have which is convincing to others.  If you sound like you know what you are doing and what you are talking about, you believe it and have the intention to get the other person to perceive what you are communicating - then they are going to want to hire you, buy from you and work with you.  I used to suck at sales techniques but I believed 100% in what I could do for someone and how to help them, that was how I got more clients to make a living from. ...more

Do You Pick the Wrong Guys?

I was talking to young woman the other day and she was telling me about a boyfriend that she had been with for almost a year.  It wasn't until about eight months later that she found out he was lying about several things.  In addition to lying, he didn't have any money to go places - she always paid (yet he had money to buy video games), he was not that happy of a person and he was very negative about past women in his relationships.  These weren't the only red flags either.  ...more

What is a Relationship?

I was having this conversation with my mom the other night about one of her best friends who is a guy.  She wa...more

Are You Having as Much Fun as You Used to?

Recently I had someone say, "you're gonna be good for me - I don't have enough fun in my life anymore... everything has gotten so serious."  I laughed at that and agreed that fun seems to get lost in the land of responsibility when you become an adult.  I went to bed and woke up this morning thinking about that more.  How was my "fun" different now than my "fun" before?  Well, I had less responsibility, less bills, less to do (responsibility) and well... let's be honest, I'm more ethical now....more

Is Silence Better Than Communicating?

Ever have a fight with someone and you both do the "silent treatment"?  Is silence really better than communicating......more

Do You Stay When You Should Leave?

I'm willing to bet that most women have been in this type of situation at some point in...more
I totally agree!  Sometimes it takes a traumatic event to give you the strength to walk away.  ...more

Are Other Opinions Influencing the Way You Think?

Do you remember when you were in high school and their was always this one girl that made you second guess how you felt or what you thought?  Somehow as we grow up, this doesn't seem to change no matter how confident or assertive we are as individuals.  You tell yourself, it doesn't affect you, but in all reality, it does.  And many times, it's not necessarily your girlfriend, although it could be.  It might be your mother, your boyfriend, a co-worker......more