Exclusive Interview: What If The Go-Go's Robbed a Bank?

Editor's Note: We're lucky. BlogHer Jenny Stewart has been kickin' it with The Go-Go's just as they launch their 30th Anniversary Tour, which they're celebrating with a remastered release of their iconic "Beauty and the Beat" album. Also on The Go-Go's docket this summer? The ultimate Tinseltown tribute: a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for the fearsome fivesome was unveiled earlier today. ...more
ha. Love it. I have always been a huge Go-Gos fan. Their music helped me figure out how to sing ...more

Writer Joyce Maynard on Her Affair With J.D. Salinger and Social Media

Renowned author Joyce Maynard, whose 1998 memoir detailed her affair with the infamously private author J.D. Salinger, drew much criticism from critics for its candid insights into their relationship. She talks to BlogHer about the Salinger, parenting, the craft of writing, Facebook and pie. ...more

Thank you so much for including the bit abut writing about the things that no one wants to talk ...more

Belinda Carlisle on Lindsay Lohan and Robert Downey, Jr.: The BlogHer Interview, Part 2

It's Go-Go's Week on BlogHer.com! I'm interviewing Belinda Carlisle on her new tell-all memoir about her 25 years of hiding her drug use after supposedly going sober in the late '80s. ...more

Rest assured, that when people open up about difficult stuff like this, they often receive an ...more

Belinda Carlisle Tells All: The BlogHer Interview, Part I

"In 1982, the Go-Go's were nominated for a Grammy as Best New Artist," Belinda Carlisle writes in her explosive new tell-all autobiography. "My mom made my dress, a fabulous, princess-style gown with big gold lame puffed sleeves, a matching skirt and a hot pink bodice. I looked like Cinderella at the ball. But unlike Cinderella, I started doing coke in the morning and was out of my head by the time [then-boyfriend] Buster and I hit the red carpet." It's no secret that in the early '80s, Belinda Carlisle was the lead singer of the rock band The Go-Go's, at the top of the charts and the covers of innumerable glossies. She had it all, including a wicked penchant for drugs and alcohol. But after she left the band, she got into a 12-step program and became clean and sober -- and never looked back. She kick-started her solo career looking fabulous on the "Mad About You" video in 1986, and her smart lifestyle choices have kept her drop-dead gorgeous at 51. Right? ...more

I'm a few years older (54) than Belinda and remember her when she was on VH1 and MTV. I liked ...more