I Remember Whitney

If you've read WHATEVERLAND or listened to my radio show, you probably already know that I grew up with a dad in the music business. I spent many a day in a recording studio, met many recording artists, vacationed with Barbra Streisand, spent time with Dolly Parton, sat on stage with Elton John, and hung out back stage with I can't recall how many performers....more

bittersweet freedom

there is this odd freedom that comes with losing one’s mother…almost like when our parents went away on vacation and left us to take care of ourselves- that feeling that no one was checking up on us and we could stay out till 4 am without consequences, that’s the feeling i have today. that my mother isn’t checking up on me....more

The Busy Mom's Guide to Gift Giving

Due to changes in my employment and general malaise due to life's uncertainties, i have been in no mood to deal with holiday gift giving. Are you feeling that same lack of holiday spirit?! Are you also too busy to allow the extra time needed for actual shopping?...more
great article - jen. The holidays are exhausting!more