dance party

Dance party in our kitchen.Happening right now. (Dancing to Taylor Swift, in case you were boys--all boys, let's be honest--love her.)I awoke to a slew of announcements on Facebook stating that DRC announced the end of the Exit Letter Suspension. This news is huge, and it serves as a confirmation to all the good rumors we have been hearing since mid-April and the positive stories I shared in yesterday's post ....more

small glimpses of HOPE

So much to say. It has (seemingly) been an eventful week-ish in DRC and among hundreds of families whose children have been stuck in DRC. (As of yesterday, children who had been adopted before September 25, 2013, have been stuck 600 days! ...more


It started as a sort of breathlessness.A walk up the stairs...breathless.A walk to the mailbox...breathless.A normally bearable workout...extremely breathless.Then it was what I thought was a panic attack on Christmas Eve. We went through a car wash. (Yes, on Christmas Eve...these are things we do.) The doors closed around us, and I felt trapped, panicked, and suddenly aware that I couldn't get out, even if I had to ....more

the right questions

My husband shared his observation with me one night several months ago: He has noticed that the wisest men around him ask the right questions. Not just theoretical questions or hypothetical questions. They ask real questions, they ask good questions, and they seek answers.Not only that, but they listen to the answers.Since he shared that revelation, it has been on my mind a lot ....more

hope deferred

According to an email sent from the US Embassy Kinshasa to Congresspeople last week, we were supposed to hear something about the DRC adoption crisis today. According to an email sent to DRC adoptive parents, we are supposed to hear something by the end of this week, at the very latest.It is, apparently, supposed to be good news, or at least a hint of good news and what the process will look like from now on."Hope deferred makes the heart sick; but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life." -- Proverbs 13:12 ...more

two forward, one back

We are still waiting with baited breath for the good rumors we keep hearing from DRC to come to fruition. We are well into the third week of hearing amazing, life-changing rumors that would change the adoption crisis for the better, but so far we have heard nothing official from DRC.I don't use the term "crisis" flippantly here. The constant checking of my phone for emails and alerts has reached an all-time high, and when I turn in for the night I am usually at some sort of new low as a result of silence out of DRC ....more


We got some news on Monday, but it wasn't news from DRC regarding our adoption.It involved this: That's right, kids. Not only do we have a daughter in DRC, but we also have a daughter in my belly.Surprise. (For real.)She'd better keep her head on a swivel when she makes her appearance in late August ....more

dream a little dream

I held her last night, in my dream.One of our agency workers was holding her, trying to calm her down because she was just SO SAD.She cried and cried and cried.I heard her crying.I went around the corner to see if I could help, not knowing if she would want me as Mommy or not. (She hasn't even met me, after all.)She reached out.I took her from the worker's arms. I cuddled her, I snuggled her and spoke to her ....more

waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting

We were supposed to hear something Tuesday of this past week, Wednesday at the latest. We expected good adoption news, possibly even great news. I reinstalled Facebook on my phone and proceeded to check it exponentially more than usual to make sure I didn't miss an announcement.No announcement came ....more

more questions than answers

I was fulfilling nursery worker duties yesterday during our church service, but I heard Brody made it into the sermon because of his propensity to ask "why" at least a thousand times during dinner.The kid does know how to exasperate the question-answer game. One time in the car, I was so tired of playing answer-girl, I told him I just couldn't answer any more "why" questions at the moment. He responded with, "What's a why question?" And thus continued the eternal questioning.I can't blame him for being curious or wanting to understand everything around him better ....more