A Delightful Sparkling Summer Cocktail – The Sparkling JOTS

I have shared this drink before, but not in video format. This particular sparkling summer cocktail was presented as a Valentine drink (here), because it males a GREAT Valentine drink. And brunch drink (think mimosa) ....more

June IPSY Unbagging

There’s not much more to add. I subscribe to IPSY, which is a beauty products-based subscription service. I have so many lip colors right now ....more

Podcast Interview: Dove Beauty Story with Four Generations

I got to meet a very sweet family of women, recently. I met them because I was invited to speak with them by Dove at the Mom2 Summit in Phoenix, Arizona in early May. ...more

Podcast: My Interview with Molly Ringwald

You read that right… TWO fun things! 1) I GOT TO INTERVIEW MOLLY RINGWALD 2) I think I am now podcasting. I went to the Mom 2 Summit in Phoenix the beginning of May....more

DIY: Thrifted (or old) T-shirt to TANK TOP!

Can be honest with you? Of course I can. I really like that song Fireball by Pitbull ....more

Things I’m Really Into Right Now | Episode 5

I actually published this video last week, but you know how weeks can go… One day it’s a Monday in late spring and the next thing you know it’s Christmas. I am SO GLAD IT’S NOT ACTUALLY CHRISTMAS. Nothing against Christmas ....more

Party On With The Plenti Program, a New Loyalty Program for Shoppers

The last time I wrote about the Plenti Program (a new rewards program for shoppers) I was gearing up for a Memorial Day party… And what a party it was! BTW… I am a paid ambassador for Plenti. All opinion and fun that was had at the party was my own ....more

Cider-Brined Porterhouse Pork Chops on the Grill!

PORTERHOUSE PORK CHOPS, FRIENDS. I was at QFC shopping for this recipe and found myself in front of the huge selection of pork cuts and one of the butchers was nearby so I asked, “Can you tell me about the Porterhouse Pork Chops?” *This is a sponsored post. All content — including but limited to […] Cider-Brined Porterhouse Pork Chops on the Grill! ...more

Take It On Tuesday: Lutefisk Eating Contest. OH YES I DID. #video

Because I am not a mathy person, I am not sure how many years I have had it on my list to join in on the local Lutefisk Eating Contest. At least 3. Maybe 5 years ....more

The Argument In Support Of Keeping Teens Busy. Very Busy.

I have mentioned somewhere before that I used to be critical of parents who keep their teens and kids busy. You know how the judgement goes, “KIDS ARE TOO BUSY THESE DAYS!” And then the dentures come loose and a cane goes flying… I think that might have been a legit argument in earlier decades […] The Argument In Support Of Keeping Teens Busy. Very Busy ....more