DIY: Tree Skirt Turned Tacky Christmas Sweater. Or Capelet.

It’s that time of year again – TACKY CHRISTMAS SWEATER PARTY SEASON. Years before tacky Christmas sweaters were all the rage, I was given a “beautiful Christmas sweater”. And by beautiful I mean tacky ....more

A Christmas DIY Round-up!

The last few months have been filled with things like… moving. Just moving, actually. Oh and a 20th anniversary trip to Hawaii with my beloved… Hitherhencetofore, very little of my time has been spent creating fun holiday things ....more

6 Things To Think About Before Gifting a Pet

Oh Hallmark… you romanticize EVERYTHING. From actually human relationships to pet ownership. Let me be clear… PETS ARE WONDERFUL ....more

Gift Giving: Giving Straight Talk and #StraightTalkCheer

If I have learned anything, I have learned choosing the perfect give is perfectly the MOST difficult thing to do. What size? What color? ...more

#GiftSmart This Season With Radio Shack!

At a time when money and time is tight – a person has to be smart. For example, I employ the “Go Right” approach to getting errands done. This means I try to avoid LEFT turns and make my errand list according to where I must go… choosing right turns over left where prudent ....more

Home Alone: The Toaster Caught on Fire… Kidde Recipe For Safety

I was contacted recently by Kidde (maker of smoke and carbon dioxide detectors, and fire extinguishers) to share a favorite holiday recipe or a fire safety story. Please note, this post is happening because Kidde and I have partnered together to bring you this story. This story and my feelings about making your kitchen and […] Home Alone: The Toaster Caught on Fire… Kidde Recipe For Safety is a post from: It's @jennyonthespot! ...more

Back in the early 80’s… when everything was closed on Thanksgiving.

All kinds of people are having all kinds of opinions about deal shopping on Thanksgiving. One day as I was reading all the opinion I said to myself, “Self. What’s your opinion?” As soon as I engaged me on the topic I had a flashback to a Thanksgiving memory of years past ....more

Thanksgiving Day Tradition: Family Reunion #PirateThanksgiving

AHOY MATEYS! The Thanksgiving season be upon us, yarrr…. which be meaning tis time to observe thee FAMILY TRADITIONS and FAMILY REUNION! ...more

Activision Family Games #ATVIFamGames

We are delighted to be working with Activision Family Games to bring you a Twitter party with full of games, and giveaways on November 25 at 1pm CST. To celebrate the twitter party with @AtviFamily, we have a giveaway worth over $350! To participate in this twitter party, just follow along with the #AtviFamGames hashtag […] Activision Family Games #ATVIFamGames is a post from: It's @jennyonthespot! ...more

Should We Stay or Should We Go: Pets and Holiday Travel

As much as our pets are our family, it is sometimes just impossible or at least very difficult to take our pets with us when we head out for the holidays. Pets and holiday travel, y’all. The question of “What do we do with the dog(s)?” has always been an issue for us ....more