The Whole30. Again. Why???

I did the the Whole30 (a.k.a. #Whole30) for the first time last August/September (2014). I announced it on the blog here. And talked about it here and here ....more

Does Parenting Get Easier?

Does parenting get easier? I hear this question get asked all over the place. IRL ....more

Favorite Things: These Are a Few of Them

That’s what this post is all about… favorite things. MY favorite things. I can’t really write about anyone else’s favorite things on account of the fact I am not anyone else ....more

100 Good Deeds: #DeedADay Movement

This is the time of year we look back and look forward. We take stock, which moves many to resolve to make changes. Exercise more! ...more

DIY: Tree Skirt Turned Tacky Christmas Sweater. Or Capelet.

It’s that time of year again – TACKY CHRISTMAS SWEATER PARTY SEASON. Years before tacky Christmas sweaters were all the rage, I was given a “beautiful Christmas sweater”. And by beautiful I mean tacky ....more

A Christmas DIY Round-up!

The last few months have been filled with things like… moving. Just moving, actually. Oh and a 20th anniversary trip to Hawaii with my beloved… Hitherhencetofore, very little of my time has been spent creating fun holiday things ....more

6 Things To Think About Before Gifting a Pet

Oh Hallmark… you romanticize EVERYTHING. From actually human relationships to pet ownership. Let me be clear… PETS ARE WONDERFUL ....more

Gift Giving: Giving Straight Talk and #StraightTalkCheer

If I have learned anything, I have learned choosing the perfect give is perfectly the MOST difficult thing to do. What size? What color? ...more

#GiftSmart This Season With Radio Shack!

At a time when money and time is tight – a person has to be smart. For example, I employ the “Go Right” approach to getting errands done. This means I try to avoid LEFT turns and make my errand list according to where I must go… choosing right turns over left where prudent ....more