Hurricane Sandy: Day 4 Post-Storm

We are still surrounded by dark. Our street is a small oasis in the dark stretching all around. There are other pockets of light, but 50% of all of Long Island is still in the dark.And in more ways than just no power – people do not know what is going on. Rumors abound. Social media is the source of most people’s news. Many people have not even seen the photos of the devastation in Manhattan or New Jersey.  The Marathon is a hot topic. Everyone thinks they should cancel it; thankfully they do....more
I so relate... I live at the beach in NY... we were without power for 17 days, and then we ...more

After Sandy: Life on the South Shore of Long Island

My daughter, Carsen, is in Manhattan, and I am on the south shore of Long Island. We blogged about Superstorm Sandy from before it started through the day after. But the story continues below and on Carsen's Blog.Wednesday, October 31, 2012: Day 2 Post-Sandy“You have to stay in it to win it.”...more

(UPDATED) Go Away, Sandy: Mother and Daughter Blog the Storm

Dear Hurricane Sandy,You are not welcome at my house or on my island. Please go away and take your coastal flooding with you. I was not interested in moving all of my worldly goods to the second floor, and packing up all of my pictures and important irreplaceable things and evacuating again. I didn’t want to tie things down, reopen the pool to put away the cover so it doesn’t become a sail, and fight with my cats about going into a carrier....more
Your story had me in it's grips from the first word to the last. I'm so glad you didn't lose ...more

The Innocent Halloween Scare

Halloween is not the time for grown-ups to act like little kids and scare children. Take it from me. It’s just a bad idea….The time was 1991. I was out to save the world as a recent college graduate turned social worker. My soon to be husband was in sales. We were just starting out, but not quite ready to leave our younger days behind. Halloween to us still meant drinking parties and dressing up and pulling pranks. Apparently you are supposed to grow out of this, but at the time no one had informed us of this. We were grown up little kids ourselves!...more

Seagull versus Sandwich, a Roadside Drama

OK this is not my story. It is one of those friend of a friend of a friend stories. I think it is true, or at least I would really like it to be, because it is one that Ramsey and I love to retell and share with friends. Acting it out is fun too. And because it is just too crazy NOT to tell, I am writing it down, with apologies to any of the real people that may have been involved in the actual events, especially the Sandwich guy....more

The Man Who Was On Fire

No. This is not a tribute to Peeta from The Hunger Games. Nor is it about a man who did exceptionally well at something. This is a story about my ex-husband who caught himself on fire.I am going to try and struggle through this without being mean. I will stick to the facts and not embarrass my children any more than necessary. The fact that it happened and the story won’t die more than sixteen years later is embarrassing enough for them.  It is just one of those stories that must be told because IT EXPLAINS A LOT....more

Chicken Pox on a Plane




Living with Juvenile Diabetes -- 9 Years Later

Carsen just reminded me that it was 9 years ago yesterday that she was first diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. She remembers this day as a pivotal moment – a day that forever changed her life in a defining way that I can’t say now was positive or negative. The day after diabetes became the day diabetes became who she was. She only knows life with diabetes now. And it changed her, molded her every decision and choice and move from that day nine years ago....more