Fat Kis Running

I am in Week 7 of my Couch to 5k class.  I received a second-hand message from my coach to "challenge" myself.    ...more

Having a Harry and Sally Moment

  Indulge me for just a moment.....   I have been dating a very nice man for almost 8 months.  It hasn't been all romance and flowers and smoothness, but he's a really good man and overall I'm quite happy. But he hasn't said "I Love You" and I'm not confident enough to say "He does, he's just afraid to say it". I'm not going there...I've been wrong before. So, I've got that going for me.  A week ago a former love interest texts me out of the blue asking my advice on love..whether he can be in love with 2 people at the same ...more

Staying Positive is Hard Work

Good Morning!...more

My So-Called New Life

I have been waiting for this for months and now that it's finally here....I'm completely depressed.   I saw a whole new world opening up to me with the ending of my full-time position.  I'll get severence, I can get unemployment, and then I can decide what I want to do next not just settle for a job because I need one.   The feeling of freedom is/was exciting and overwhelming all at the same time.  I'm still excited.However....more

Just a crappy day

I realize I am not quite myself today as I didn't sleep well last night... I firmly believe Michael has been avoiding me about the living together idea (which was his)....now that we're close to being able to do it he's panicking and is uncomfortable. Sorry, we'd be living together as friends not lovers. But I guess it weirds him out to have someone else living in his house. I've made every accommodation I can think of...b/c financially it makes sense for both of us to share his house...esp for him. He's having a hard time making ends meet since he and his wife split up....more

so screwed

First of all, this is huge that I'm posting this publicly.  It is not in my nature to put my problems "out there".   When crap happens to me I am nothing short of embarrassed...mortified actually.    I'm too hard on myself.  Don't worry, I'm therapy. ...more

A pattern? Or just my regular craziness....?

Last night I had a bit of a "freak out" with my friend Claudia (via text).  I was anxious beyond anxious that maybe I'm not doing something right as a post-op gastric bypass patient.   Should I be losing faster?  More?   Should I not have tried that cottage cheese?  My follow up appointment is Thursday and I haven't lost 17 lbs like So-and-So did.   If my friend's scale is correct, I've lost 5.  Not that 5 is anything to complain about in 1 week but is it typical?  Is it acceptable?   Did I stretch my stomach already? &nb...more

Gettin Serious About This

So, I fancy myself a half-way decent writer.  You'd think I'd be excited about all these opportunities to blog.    Well, I haven't been.  I like to write on my own and keep it to myself and one of these days I will compile something worth of review for publishing.   But the idea of sharing my daily thoughts and activities for all the world to see has been absolutely frightening to me.  Why?  There are a few things but the big one is:  who cares what I have to say?...more