Game On

Quick! What's the best day of the week? Ehr! Wrong answer!  I'm sorry, but whatever your answer was is automatically wrong because this is a trick question. The best day of the week cannot be determined as it's an automatic tie between Saturday and Sunday. That was sneaky, wasn't it? I'm such an asshole sometimes... ...more

Sunday Snippet: Game On

MIA: "Moooooooommmm! Somebody drew a dancing banana on the ceiling!" ME: "Did what on the ceiling?!" MIA: "Someone drew a dancing banana on the ceiling!" MARLEE: "Oh yeah...dat was me..."...more

She's Already Smarter Than I Am

Mia is smart, maybe even gifted. I don't know, I don't want to be that parent - the one who proclaims her smart kid as gifted and in turn jinxes the child into mainstream classes all the way through school. That's nothing to brag about, right? ...more

Sunday (In Parentheses)

Sunday has been a pretty good day (good enough that I finally changed out of my sweats and slippers and into jeans... and slippers). My children had cupcakes for breakfast (store bought, of course). I told myself I'd do the laundry and dishes first thing (oh self, you're such a kidder). Instead, I made the beds and watched half of a Hallmark movie (on the lower bunk in the girls' room while they watched A.N.T. Farm in my room). ...more

My Kid Embarrassed Me...Again...

Those of you who read the ole blog on a regular basis are familiar with some of the neighbors by now. We have the elderly cat lady across the street, Mrs. D. There's Jack, the bachelor next door who has my children convinced that he grows Hostess cupcakes for them in his garden. The Browns a few houses down with two boys who are most likely the male counterparts to my angelic girls....more

They Get It From Their Mama

I heard it's Mother's Day today, so let's celebrate... How am I celebrating? By writing this blog to the sweet tunes of Steppenwolf, with an acoustic accompaniment of Miles beating a butter knife against the dryer. Is that all? Oh no, absolutely not. I'm going to have a margarita for lunch and then maybe do the dishes. A mama's got to treat herself sometimes, you know! ...more

Tuesday Was a Good Day

Here's a little fun fact: Tuesday is my favorite day of the week. I read somewhere once that it's the most productive day of the week, and I've tried to make myself live up to the finding ever since. Am I always at my absolute most productive on Tuesdays? No. Do I wake up on Tuesdays brimming with ambition and optimism? For the most part, yes. ...more

Hissy Fits: A Family Tradition

 I've spent most of this week and weekend, attempting to de-clutter and rearrange the contents of our house so that we might (Ha! Yeah right!) get a little more space....more

Food Fixes Everything

Last night I decided to check out some sites that give you writing prompts based on the day of the week. Needless to say, I didn't write last night. It happens... ...more

One Man's Trash

It seems the girls need a new dresser. ...more