happy 4th!

The 4th of July brings so many happy memories to my heart. It's one of those holidays that I feel the need to celebrate no matter what country I'm in. My American friends, as you begin your festive gatherings tomorrow, we'll have already enjoyed our barbecue and fireworks show ....more

appreciate the differences

Differences are everywhere. It's what makes us beautiful and unique. It's also what can be difficult ....more

scary close {giveaway}

I just finished reading Donald Miller's newest book, Scary Close. He takes a very up close and personal look at relationships and intimacy. He's raw and real about his own life, his own mistakes and learnings that have led him to believe true intimacy is scary ....more

curry and babies

Joshua was conceived 14 years ago next month in a little bamboo hut in a refugee camp in Northern Thailand. TMI? Sorry, guys ....more

outdoor pallet coffee table {diy}

Some of you got wind of my pallet project(s) on Instagram. It's slow going, but I've had the table done for a couple of weeks now, and I think it's high time I showed you! It's super simple, y'all, and as you've probably gotten used to, I have no photos of the process ....more

gymnastics competition

Last Friday Emma Grace had her Level 1 gymnastics competition. I've always loved watching the Winter Olympic gymnastics competitions on TV. While this was on a much smaller scale, the mats were all a buzz with activity...floor exercise, uneven bars, parallel bars, vault...it was great! ...more

a word on load shedding

If you don't know what load shedding is, I'll tell ya. South Africa doesn't have enough power to run the country, so we have frequent power outages to compensate. It's easy to get frustrated with not having electricity, but I was recently challenged to see the upside of no power ....more

colour party

Several weeks ago, I thought, "Wouldn't it be great to have a colour party where we celebrate creativity, diversity, and the many different cultures that make up Ten Thousand Homes?" From there, we started planning a party full of colour with creative outlets galore. When I showed up to the party, casually late as always, I saw a sea of white. Instructions were followed to a tee ....more

sorry i'm not sorry {giveaway}

This book, Sorry I'm Not Sorry, is the third in a series of books about bullying by Nancy Rue. One out of four students is bullied at school, and 85% of those situations never receive intervention. I love that the author has tackled this very important problem facing our children by writing a series of books told from three different perspectives ....more

trusting god

Trusting God is not always easy, and sometimes it's hard to remember, in the midst of difficult moments, to include our kids in the process. I'll never forget when we invited our kids into trusting God for a vehicle. The prayers got kind of crazy, but it was such a privilege to include them in it ....more