raise your kids to be world travelers

I'm sharing my thoughts over at Petit Elefant on three easy things to do to help raise your kids to be world travelers, including the funny story of where my son wanted to go on his big trip when he turned thirteen. The world is his oyster! ...more

on turning thirteen

My boy turned thirteen earlier this year. I never would have thought that turning another year would bring about so much change. Most days I feel totally inadequate ....more

Best Parenting Advice From A Mentor

I had a moment recently, a parenting moment that had reached astronomical proportions (at least in my mind). As a Mom of a thirteen and ten year old, I’m finding that I’ve stepped into the hardest part of my parenting journey to date. It culminated one day into a puddle of tears as I cried out to my husband about my inadequacies as a Mom and wondering if I did something wrong along the way ....more

it's my anniversary

Today is my anniversary. Sixteen years. Someone asked me how many years the other day, and I had to stop and think like I do with my age ....more

messy moments

Y'all life, and especially parenting, can't be wrapped up in a pretty, little bow. It's messy, but the messiness is where the good stuff happens, where lessons are learned. I recently had a realization that I needed to embrace the messy moments of parenting ....more

destination :: durban

We spent a week last Christmas in Durban, and it was lovely. If you want to know the scoop on all things fantabulous to do in Durban, visit me over at Petit Elefant. Eating a good curry is ALWAYS at the top of my list! ...more

a weekend with a friendly giraffe

A couple of months ago, four friends went away for a weekend to a lodge with a very friendly giraffe. I've never seen a giraffe like Gerry. Head over to Petit Elefant to read about our weekend adventures at Caracal Lodge with a giraffe who was more interested in hanging out with us than with his giraffe family! ...more

get your kids off tech

I recently wrote a post on Tommy Nelson about getting your kids off tech and outside, not because I'm an expert at it, but because, as my son gets older and he is drawn more and more to tech, it gets increasingly difficult. How do you balance tech time with encouraging your children to go outside? Do tell! ...more

citrus season

It's funny how certain things invoke certain memories. It's citrus season in S. Africa right now ....more

bedtime devotions with jesus {giveaway}

Guess what? Tommy Nelson has a new devotional book! The cover of Bedtime Devotions With Jesus is just adorable, isn't it? ...more