you can't sit with us {giveaway}

I'm so excited that the second book from the Mean Girl Makeover series by Nancy Rue is now out! The author takes a serious look at bullying in the form of three fiction books from three different perspectives. The first book, So Not Okay, is told from the perspective of the bystander ....more

search for the shadow key {giveaway}

Wayne Thomas Batson is at it again with the second in the Dreamtreaders series now out! Search For The Shadow Key continues to follow Archer Keaton, dreamtreader, who has his work cut out for him now that his fellow dreamtreaders are no longer around. Life in the Dream is not slowing down and Archer must protect the Dream and Waking World from colliding into one, thus creating a chaos that would be a nightmare ....more

jesus is student edition {giveaway}

I absolutely LOVE today's giveaway courtesy of Tommy Nelson. Fiction books for 10-14 year olds can sometimes come across as boring. NOT THIS ONE! ...more

a prayer from the heart

All my kids have ever known is a life of traveling around the globe, learning to make "home" in a land where you're considered a foreigner. They go to school where their accent is visibly different. Sometimes they hand out plates of food to kids who love the touch of their cool skin and soft hair ....more

snowy's celebration

Last week we celebrated our dog's first birthday. I know. It's totally ridiculous ....more


"Celebrate good times. Come on!" Those may be the lyrics to a catchy song, but they certainly ring true. We serve a God that is for us, who wants good things for us ....more

hello, 2015

Happy 2015, friends! I've been silent in these parts for quite a while. Over 3 months to be exact! ...more

in the studio :: life's a beach

Welcome to In The Studio, a place to show off your studio and meet some great artists! Sooooo, it's been two weeks since I posted anything on this blog. I apologize for standing you all up last week ....more

in the studio :: 10 year old photos

Welcome to In The Studio, a place to show off your studio and meet some great artists! Since we just celebrated a birthday around here, that meant some fresh ten year old photos were in order! This girl cracks me up ....more

anniversary getaways

This year, on our anniversary, we hosted a visiting team for good conversation, cookies, coffee, and tea. It wasn't a romantic getaway, but it was fine. That's not stopping us from celebrating 15 years of our wedded love ....more