The 14th

As our great nation prepares to celebrate Independence Day, and with the events of the past few weeks, I find it an appropriate time to remind my dear readers of the 14th Amendment and the protections of rights offered therein....more

The Racial Divide

A few days ago on Facebook, a friend re-posted an article calling white Americans "White Terrorists."  We have been friends for over a decade, and while I understand and appreciate her anger, that post actually shocked me. While my friend did not write the post, she made those words her own when she re-posted and shared on her personal wall.  Do I think she personally thinks I am a terrorist?  No....more

Hate in the Name of God

Since the Supreme Court ruling, I have seen multiple posts using Christianity as justification for spewing hate and bigotry....more

Against the Ban

Anyone who knows me is aware that I lean towards the liberal side.  However, I do stand firm in my belief that the flag currently under attack should not be banned.  Why?   ...more
Parthenia Queen I absolutely agree with you on what that flag represents.  My opinion is that ...more

Love Lives Here

This was my personal Facebook post on Saturday morning.  It is an opinion I believe is worth repeating here on my blog....more

Organized Chaos

I know today is Thursday, but I am going to describe a typical Sunday.  It is a day replete with organized chaos. My son and I both work 40 plus hours a week.  In addition, he is attending an online class with the famous Stan Lee.  I have my moneymakers I do in addition to my day job.  That leaves weekends as our time for chores. Saturday is my main day for chores.  Laundry is done for me on Saturday, and my son takes over the machines on Sunday....more


Last week, I had described staying busy with one project after another.  I seem to have made an error and my son was kind enough to point it out to me. I had said that when I gave up an activity, I seemed to use that extra time to fit in another project.  My son told me that he appreciated how honest I was in that post about staying busy.  He did correct me, however, on one point. It seems that when I give up or finish a particular activity, I don't fill that time with another project....more


I am a self-avowed cop show addict.  If a television show has even the slightest hint of mystery and mayhem...I'm there.  Have you even noticed just how many are televised right now???...more

Learning Something New

This past weekend, my son purchased a new car.  Now I am 53 years old and I have never had a new car in my life.  I walked into this process with him, having not a clue how it worked. The lesson learned?   1.  Eat before you go.  We skipped breakfast to get there early and boy, did we pay for that one! 2.  However long you think it is going to take...multiply it by five. 3....more

No More!

Wow!  Went deep this week, didn't we?  Enough of that!...more