Not Always on the Outside

Domestic abuse is not always visible.  Verbal and emotional abuse does not leave bruises and scars that can be seen.  Those bruises and scars are still there.There is a far greater incidence of verbal and emotional abuse opposed to physical abuse.  The punches make a better news story.  Unless witnessed by others, verbal and/or emotional abuse is often ignored by society.  The opinion seems to be that if a woman was emotionally or mentally stronger, this wouldn't happen to her....more


The latest trending hashtag, #WhyIStayed, is an effort by formerly abused women to end the victim blaming that often follows a highly publicized incident of domestic violence.  There are as many different reasons for staying as there are domestic violence survivors. #WhyIStayed1.  I thought I could love him through it.  I thought my love was strong enough to fix it.2.  I stayed because of the kids.  I didn't want them to be without their father....more

Red Flags

There is a wonderful organization known as the Battered Womens Foundation.  You can find them on Facebook here .  They are currently posting "Red Flags" which every woman needs to read and think about.  If only one seems it might fit, you may be okay.  If you are finding multiple flags that depict your life, it is time to take action.  Here are just a few:RED FLAGS:...more

A Needed Repeat

With the recent dominance of the news by domestic violence, I thought it an appropriate time to repeat a post I wrote back on January 16th of this year.  When I wrote the post, the friend it was written for was not ready to listen.  She's ready now.  At the same time, I have to confess that I was also in an abusive situation and I was in total denial.  I'm not in denial anymore.  Here is the post:...more

Homemade Mix

This is a fabulous coating for chicken and pork...and homemade makes it better!Ingredients:Dozen Club crackers--crushed to fine2 tsp paprika3 Tbsp season salt2 Tbsp flourSalt and Pepper to tasteDirections:Combine all ingredients in a large closable plastic bag.  Add pieces of rinsed chicken or pork and shake to coat evenly.  This will coat 4-5 pork chops or pieces of chicken.Enjoy!!!...more

Frugal Friday

This Frugal Friday is more of a lifestyle hack.  There's a website my son found that really helps use up what you already have in the house!Head over to:'ll see a checklist.  Check off everything you have on hand and the website will give you recipes using only the ingredients you already have!...more

Wahoo Wednesday!!

It's Wahoo Wednesday!!I have so many to shout out this Wednesday I don't even know where to begin!To my friend, L., I don't know what I would do without your unwavering love and support.  You are my backbone, the earth under my feet, and the wind beneath my wings.  I love you!!To my son, T., you have made me the proudest mother ever!!  You are a kind, empathetic, honorable young man and my heart overflows with pride and joy!...more

The Freshman Fifteen

The freshman fifteen...the curse of every college student.  What they don't tell you is that it doesn't just hit the kids...I didn't start college until age 50.  The last thing I expected was to put on weight!  Now how do I get rid of it????I barely have my work and sleep schedule figured out...when am I going to fit in a workout?  I know I need to...but I am so tired.......more

What A Week!!!

Last week was my first week employed after college!! I am so fortunate to have found a job right after graduation in my actual field.  I was given a guardian angel as one of my graduation gifts and I'm pretty sure she's on the job!!I didn't get lost getting to work.  I found the parking lot I'm supposed to use.  I packed my lunch every day and didn't starve all week. ...more


My waiting game is over!  Less than two weeks since I graduated...I have a job!!I start this morning.  I am beyond excited to be starting a new phase in my life. According to popular media and marketing, I should be on the downhill slope of life.  Ha!!!  I am living proof that you can reinvent yourself at any age. About a year ago, I taped a segment for Mutual of Omaha for their "aha moment" campaign.  I believe this is the perfect time to revisit that moment.  Enjoy!...more
Yay for you!more