Too Many Critics

The other day on Facebook, my attention was caught by a meme.  All of our news feeds are cluttered with them, but this one jumped off the screen."Be an encourager.  The world has plenty of critics already".Go back and read that again.  Think about the last few days.  Did you encourage someone?  Or did you complain or criticize? ...more

Why I Walked

This past weekend I participated in the American Heart Association 5k.  I was asked why and here is my reply.I live in this community.  I work here.  I play here.  One of the responsibilities of being part of a community is that you also participate in that community.  My chosen method of participation is charity walks....more

Free Friday

To go along with your weekend assignment, this Friday I challenge you to find your joyful moments this weekend without spending a dime.Yep...not one single penny!Look around.  You already have books you haven't read.  Sitting outside is free.  You probably already have your favorite coffee/tea just haven't taken the time to sit and enjoy the brewing process and drinking it at leisure. ...more

This Weekend

I have an assignment for you this weekend.  I want all of you to take time this weekend to find the simple joys in your life.  Put off the grocery store for an hour.  Take your favorite book, a cup of tea, and head outside to your special spot. Take just a few minutes and be still.  Not too long, the purpose isn't to take a nap!!  Just a few minutes to breathe and gather in the beauty that surrounds will do you wonders....more

Simple Joys

This past weekend, the weather was beautiful and I spent a good bit of time outside in my backyard. While I was enjoying the somewhat cooler temperatures, I stilled myself and observed my surroundings.My backyard is lush and green. Because of that, we have an abundance of wildlife that visits. Saturday, I noticed that my yard was full of butterflies and honeybees. What a beautiful sight! Watching the honeybees visit the jasmine and the butterflies coming in and out of the yard filled my soul and brought me simple joy....more

Dirty Little Secrets

Not the kind you're thinking of!!  It's Monday...way too early in the week for that!  These are the little quirks each of us has that other people don't know.We all have funny little habits that we never actually publicize.  Most of them are no big deal, we just never think to share them.  I'll go first and share some of mine...but y'all had better follow my lead!!1.  I love Cap'n Crunch with Crunchberries...straight out of the box, dry, no milk whatsoever....more

Recipe to Heal a Broken Spirit

Ingredients:FamilyFriendsFaithDirections:Mix all ingredients well with large dollops of love, hugs, and emotional support.  Add time spent together and a healthy dose of self-love.  Blend in belief in a better life, peace, and joy.  Continue repeating above steps until happiness is achieved.All my love,Jerri...more


Over the past couple of years, I have taught you various means and methods for obtaining free shampoo, deodorant, etc.  As we have been talking this week about domestic violence, now is the time to put those skills to good use.Gather up your samples.  If you are like me, you have piles of them.  Sort out any hygienic supplies, anything for children, vitamins, and even makeup samples. ...more

Not Always on the Outside

Domestic abuse is not always visible.  Verbal and emotional abuse does not leave bruises and scars that can be seen.  Those bruises and scars are still there.There is a far greater incidence of verbal and emotional abuse opposed to physical abuse.  The punches make a better news story.  Unless witnessed by others, verbal and/or emotional abuse is often ignored by society.  The opinion seems to be that if a woman was emotionally or mentally stronger, this wouldn't happen to her....more


The latest trending hashtag, #WhyIStayed, is an effort by formerly abused women to end the victim blaming that often follows a highly publicized incident of domestic violence.  There are as many different reasons for staying as there are domestic violence survivors. #WhyIStayed1.  I thought I could love him through it.  I thought my love was strong enough to fix it.2.  I stayed because of the kids.  I didn't want them to be without their father....more