My Pinterest Summer

Summer is nearing its lovely, hot-humid-long, and many-dreary-dark-days end. We are gearing up to the SCHOOL YEAR! This means we see more of his boys and my kids are back from their summer vacation in CA with their dad.To while away the days of (mostly) kid-free weekends, I put together a little Summer Bucket List....more

Why I Watch Sisterwives With My Eight Year Old

Why I Watch Sisterwives With My Eight Year Old I know, seriously. Can you stand it? I can't believe it myself. I can't believe I actually wrote that line. I watch Sisterwives. Ugh. ...more

Will Travel with Kids (Travel Tips for a Mommies that Don't Want to Use Prozac)

I am a holiday lover. I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS. Starting in October with Halloween and going through New Years, I'm just in heaven. This is an amazing time of the year! The Food! The Family! The Wine. And the more family, the more wine needed. <---Yes, that. I said it. Oh, come on, you were thinking it too. ...more

I AM the New Wave of Feminism

I Am the New Wave of Feminism I am the new wave of feminism.I see a gay black woman leading an organization side by side with a middle age white man....and it doesn't surprise me. I expect it.I have never known a time when I didn't have the same rights, same abilities, same expectations as my male counterparts.I believe femininity is as valuable a tool as hard work, strength, determination and will....more

Our Brief Moment

Our communication consists of a brief moment over Skype or Facetime. Short bursts of energy and talking twice a week. I hear quick, abbreviated stories of swimming, camping, and visits to amusement parks. ...more

Fourth of July Implosion

Since my separation from my ex, the Fourth of July has turned out to be one of the hardest days of the year for me. More so than Christmas. More so than almost any other holiday so far. Maybe it is because we officially separated two years ago on July 1st. Maybe it is the memories, the longing, the missing. Something about the warmth and sweetness of summer makes me get stuck in a deep dark place come the patriotic, nourishing, family- and joy-filled Fourth of July. ...more

Ajusting Kids to Divorce: Advice for Parents

Adjusting My Kids to Divorce My ex and I did not do many things really well in our years of marriage. Obviously--otherwise we'd have stayed married! But in our separation and divorce I am proud to say we've learned from many of our mistakes as a married couple and done quite a few things RIGHT by our kids. ...more

I am honestly glad when I see stories like this. In my case, there was verbal and physical ...more

How Could You Let Your Kids Go for the Summer?

As mothers we are faced with tough decisions every day. From the first moment we realize we are pregnant, we are forced to make unequivocal and sometimes controversial decisions about the mothers we are going to be, the lives we are going to lead, and the choices we will make for our children....more
I remember being a child and wanted to go away to camp. My parents always gave me some bs excuse ...more

Reading Happiness

Mid-fall, #4's teacher told me at our parent/teacher conference that she was reading below her grade level. WHAT?!? How can that be??? I have read to her every day since she was 7 months old! She has hundreds of books! She reads every single night in her bed! I have a BA in ENGLISH, for crying out loud! How could my daughter be behind in her reading???...more

Finding the Balance: Tricks of the Trade

It's the age old question all working moms are faced with: how do you find the balance between work and home life? It's an easy question about a complicated subject. And mostly my answer is: It sucks. I suck at it. I feel as though I'm failing at it 100% of the time. Not only am I constantly trying to keep the balance, but I'm juggling 500 balls at the same time as I'm walking this freaking balance beam. ...more