The Lord's Gonna Answer Your Prayers Tonight

I had a slight lightbulb moment earlier. Total light streaming down from heaven and angels start 'aahing' as to emphasis this moment. I have this friend, she's great but she's going through some trials. For Christmas, I gave her some encouraging Bible verses as part of her gift to reflect on when she needs them. I had thought about giving her encouraging songs too, but that part of the gift didn't come into fruition....more

An Ode to O Captain

                I’ve dreaded writing this, and I’m not sure why.  I wasn’t assigned it, I just felt like I had to write it. But, I know how I get when death is in the picture, even if it’s just someone who touched my life as a teacher and not family. I remember what I went through when Robin Williams passed, and he was just an actor I had watched for almost all of my life. In a way, this was just like Robin…...more

We're going back, back, back to school again...

 First off, I know that it has yet again been awhile since I posted a blog entry. Life has gotten away from me and rather fast! Baseball season is going... well, it's moving. Just had the All-Star Break, which means it's now a race for the postseason. My Red Sox are nine and a half games back, but it still feels like they're right in there. This is where the rubber meets the road for the postseason, but its okay. The fear of missing hasn't set in yet. Give me time; the tears will probably start soon....more

That's Just The Way I Roll

 First off, I know it's been a bit since I've posted. I ended up getting slightly sucked into baseball season and April also started a writing competition that I fell rather flat on my face with. But, even though I didn't make my 25,000 word goal, I have kept writing. That's a victory in itself, right? :)...more

Did You Miss It?

This is it. This is the day that fans look forward to all those long months of snow and winter. The days that are filled will trade news, rumors, and contracts. The days where you count, endlessly, how much longer that you have to wait.Only one team officially starts tonight. The rest of the 30 clubs start tomorrow. Teams of 40 men take to the field tomorrow, with the roar of the crowd behind them. 40 men, all chasing the same dream....more

This is Real, This Is Me.....

Full Name:Birthdate:Lucky Number:Favorite sport:Favorite sports teams:Favorite Bible verse:Favorite season:Favorite movie:Favorite book:Favorite color:Favorite drink:Hero:                 If you can answer all those with the correct answers, get out of my head! No, honest!...more

Making Something Out Of Something Nothing?

 I have this habit of reading various articles I find on the internet. I live for articles from the website, because they use humor to prove their points. They also love to point out Easter Eggs in shows, movies, music, and I happen to live for various behind the scene knowledge like that. ...more

What's in a name?

I once was introduced to a competition called National Novel Writing Month. The challenge was to write a 50,000 word novel in one month. The idea seemed so crazy to me in the beginning, but I was hooked too. I at first thought that it would be rather easy to roll out 50,000 words, which I quickly learned wasn't really that easy. There's so much you have to stick in to make people want to read your novel for 50,000 or more words. The competition made me grow as a writer, made me see that possibly there were some major themes or ideas that I needed to flesh out to make my stories better....more


 I'm not your normal blogger. Honestly, I'm not. I've toyed with the idea of blogging for years now. I've thought about it, thought about if it would be worth it, and watched as other people did the blogging thing.I've been writing since I was a kid. Short stories, letters, anything really that I could come up with. I've always loved writing, will always love writing and will probably go to my grave calling myself a writer. So naturally, the jump to a blogger should make sense, right?...more