One Year Ago Today...

One year ago today, I was in a hospital. One year ago today, I gave birth to a baby boy. One year ago today, I helped create a family ....more

Europe...Day 1

July 7, 2013 In flight We flew from Milwaukee to JFK (New York) on a very uneventful flight, only a couple hours....more

Foto Friday!

Just wanted to share some pics of some of my favorite little people: ...more

We are amongst fame, people!

No, I'm not famous... ...but someone that I may have had a baby for is... (15 Second Mark) ...more

5K. Complete.

I’m not sure that I can flat out say “I’m a runner” …yet… …but I am happy to tell you that I did, in fact, “run a 5K”. No really, I did. I ran it. Mostly. ...more


Heads up kids, this is about religion. Kinda.  Maybe not really.  But it’s also about an experience I recently had. I’d love for you to sit back and read. Maybe you can relate. Maybe not. But I’d certainly enjoy some company in this little anecdote. I would never consider myself a religious person. Sure, I’d go to church…as often (okay, maybe not) as I could. ...more

Half Celebration

Do you celebrate half's?  Half anniversaries, half birthdays, perhaps? Yeah, we don't either. Until this year. ...more

8-Month Photo of one cute kid...

Just had a brief moment for a quick drive-by blog post...I HAD to share this photo. ...more

Be in Peace, MC

There's a blog that I that has inspired me, one that has put many a smile on my face and one that has made me cry. Today, Hayden (aka "Master Cheeks") passed away ....more


I'm feeling quite disconnected lately.  From everything. I barely text my friends, I certainly don't call them.  I've been MIA from Facebook for days on end and the blogs I follow have been updated 1800 times without me reading one thing...and I feel so lost... ...more