I Am Thankful For...

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow I thought it was the perfect time to share a little prayer or saying that I heard while at a board meeting the other day. ...more

Morning Sickness: What I Love, What I Hate, and How to Cope

Let's paint a picture first. ...more

Christmas Decorating and Shopping: When is it too early?

Many of you reading this title are saying BEFORE THANKSGIVING!! ...more

Taco Soup

Fall is in full form and that means time to get the yummy soup recipes back into regular rotation. Years ago I was given a recipe by a coworker and to this day it has become a staple in our house over the fall and winter. ...more

Stocking Stuffer: The Perfect Blush

I love a beauty product that provides full functionality, works well, and lasts a long time. ...more

Toy Reviews and Toy Stores

First of all, it seems like ages since I've written a post. ...more

Fleetwood Mac: An Epic Performance

It was the performance of a lifetime. ...more

My Favorite Recipes on Pinterest

Fall is officially here which in my house usually means an increased amount of baking and cooking. In the summer we try to keep it simple and quicker so we can be out and about. ...more

My First Call to Poison Control

Last week I had to do what no parent ever wants to do and my situation turned out best case scenario - luckily. ...more

Animal Babies: Great Gift Idea For Kids

Alright parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and everyone else - I have a toy suggestion for the child in your life! ...more