Dr. Stork delivers advice for pregnant women. And it begins with our teeth

Dr. Travis Stork talks pregnancy, spinny brushes and feeling too lazy to brush with me.I began with a little bit about how funny my son thought it was that a six-months pregnant lady was making a call on Dr. Stork ....more

When the poetry is a prison. And the words set you free

He handed me this paper, written more neatly than normal, and said only, "Look this up. I wrote it down to be sure you read it." I knew E had been studying poetry. My mother volunteers a two days a week to work with reading groups ....more

When HIV hits home. Your home: Let's stop HIV together

This post is made possible by support from the Let’s Stop HIV Together campaign. All opinions are my own. Last summer, the then-eight-year old boy strapped in the backseat - my son and optimist and dance partner and silly pants and ardent recycler and kid who has asked profound questions since he could string a sentence together - asked me what AIDS is....more

One fabulous nursery GIVEAWAY + one amazing cause for new moms

I was leading a workshop for the women of my church years ago. It was on finding your spiritual center, and I had the skills and the rituals and all the tools I needed to help guide a room full of women of all ages to a calm, quiet space in the midst of very busy lives, just one row of windows from a very busy intersection in the center of Chicago. But the truth is, I was there because I needed to access that spiritual center as much as they did ....more

How we told E the news

We had ice cream. We had sorbet. We had those crumbly, doughy, way-too-sweet, frosted sugar cookies from the grocery store ....more

The tiniest bit of very big news

First, the hugs....more

When your kid is the smallest one on the team. By a lot

The Kid. The Little Guy. The White Kid....more

You only know what I tell you

My mom has said many, many times to me that she can only know of my relationships what I tell her. Whether the conversation, complaining or celebrating is about friends, boyfriends, men I've casually dated, colleagues, clients or anyone else - most of what she bases her opinion on are the words I choose when I talk to her about them. It's a fair thing to say ....more

Valentine's Day, Usher style

We welcomed Valentine's Day by huddling together in the bathroom and later, on the beanbag under the loft bed that E was too sick and weak and tired to climb into after hours and hours of throwing up in the middle of the night. He was upset he'd miss the holiday at school. And for a moment, I wondered if he'd be OK to make it, at least long enough to pass out his cards and collect CandyGrams and pretend like he hadn't spent the night heaving into a trash can or toilet ....more

Sorry, Charlie. It's just a Valentine

Image courtesy the brilliant Asha Dornfest at Parenthacks. Click to read her full, smarty-pants post.We believe in store-bought Valentine cards around here, particularly to give to the class and mostly because I spent hours and hours crafting them during the preschool years only to be asked by my son if we could just get the floppy superhero kind the next year. And so it has been every February since I waved fabric-glued fingers as a yes to his sweet, glitter-felt ungrateful question ....more