Spring Strawberry Lemon Cupcakes

 I know it’s been a while since I’ve actually cooked or baked something and I do apologize for my recent food extravagance but it’s been an exciting few weeks of food events and birthday dinners. Fortunately I had some time on my hands this weekend to do some baking and just in time for my friend Allie’s birthday. ...more

Perfect Roast Chicken


Breakfast for Dinner at Beacon

Breakfast for dinner; a brilliant marketing ploy to get us consumers to eat more eggs OR an enticing way to lure hungry Foodbuzz featured publishers to a free dinner hosted by Eggland’s Best? ...more

Lunch at Hasaki

Last Friday my boss was kind enough to treat me for an “off campus” lunch at a restaurant of my choosing. Since we were both in the mood for some Asian cusine I figured I’d show her the best sushi the East Village has to offer at Hasaki.Dining out during lunch is somewhat of a priviledge for me since not many people in the office head out for lunch. Sadly we eat at our desks or trek up to the 14th floor to properly dine in our only lunchroom. ...more

Brunch at Hundred Acres


Cooking Light's Nepalese Red Lentil Soup

Since Spring still feels like a lifetime away, I figured I’d warm up with Cooking Light’s Nepalese Red Lentil Soup. Since I had some red lentils stored away in my cupboard for a while, I figured it was about time I’d used them. ...more

Breaking Passover at La Pizza Fresca

 Despite the fact that not a ONE of you contributed to where I should eat on Passover, I decided on La Pizza Fresca due to the rave reviews I found on Menupages. And though an $18 pasta dish is a little rich for me at the moment, by the looks of the place I figured I wouldn’t be disappointed. ...more

Shmaltz HE'BREW Beer Tasting ON Passover

Last night I attended a Shmaltz Beer Tasting over at the Blind Tiger, thanks to  Foodbuzz.  Though this event was ironically held the night BEFORE Passover ended, I figured it was a unique opportunity that God had bestowed upon me. I mean it’s HE’BREW! ...more

Smitten Kitchen's Kosher for Passover Recipes

Although today is the last official day of Passover, I had to leave you off with two MUST TRY PASSOVER RECIPES from Smitten Kitchen. I figure you could always use them for 2010, though they’re great for any occassion despite them being k for p. Enjoy! ...more

Matzoh Pies and The Latest In New Israeli Food

Matzoh Pies… yes, I did say Matzoh Pies. Yesterday’s kugel is today’s pie according to well, me and probably Janna Gur author of “The Book of New Israeli Food” and the chef behind this immaculate Passover masterpiece. It is possible that I tend to appreciate food more than others but I was taken aback by the beauty of this Mina del Pesach (Passover Matzoh Pie). Though this Passover Matzoh Pie is a variation of a Shepard’s Pie, it obviously took time to mold each piece of Matzoh to appear as if it were an actual pie. A work of genius, I’m telling you! ...more