A Christmas Family Photo

its a series really take one: the family stands stunned but the two chairs in front are empty take two: we try to figure out what just happened while Oma drags Opa toward the chairs take three: success! the chairs are filled we have a record of the family together (only the top half of Uncle Greg’s head is missing)   April 6th prompt: something missing ...more

the Kandern War Memorial (a sestina)

a memorial to war, this monument holds all the grief of those now silent unable to remember this grey green tower guards the beauty of insignificant lives. their memory lives in the names etched on this monument in the wreaths left to guard against forgetfulness, a grief worse than to remember all these silent why are you silent are there too many lives here to remember too many similar monuments all pointing to the same grief all statues in the same guard ...more


the Bateman’s pug, Beanie, was always my favourite she and the black lab lived next door that summer their owners were gone and we got to pretend to have a dog for awhile one Christmas Sunshine came to stay only he spent most of the day sleeping and smelled as old as he was the fireworks New Year’s Eve made him panic when I was ten I bought an encyclopedia of dogs memorized all the breeds and gloated over my favourites for weeks ...more

forgotten bodies

eat too worried about calories and expense to taste the exquisite combination of peanut butter and jelly look far more concerned with our own appearance than the fantastic exhibitions on now in the art gallery of the world hear memorize all the words to a hundred greatest hits and then have to be taught the skill of listening to lovers ...more


1 we spent four hours together after dinner that night when I got home the clock hands were just edging toward 7 I convinced myself the battery had died 2 five minutes before the meeting I panicked, what were we going to do? you spent half an hour calming me down and then we walked into the meeting right on schedule 3 ...more

a genetic history of souls

I have Dad’s green eyes and the sweet tooth from Grandpa Mom shows up in my cheekbones and someday Grandma will leave her legacy in my laugh lines but where does my soul come from? is there some genetic map highlighting trace elements of other incarnations pointing down through generations to place me here at the crossroads of mystery and certainty or is its origin unknown and only my body bears witness to history    Prompt given: origins ...more

To have a family or not?

I just found out that friends of mine are pregnant for the first time. They are the same age as my husband and me and while I'm thrilled for them I can't help being a little stunned. We're all in our early 20s. I know I have a lot of time to consider having children or not, but their big news has definitely triggered a lot of soul-searching questions. Do I really want to have kids? ...more