i gave up blogging for my health.

as I write this, i am parked outside the YMCA dripping with sweat. my left ankle hurts, my knee doesn't feel just right and my upper leg {all of which are my left leg!} feels crazy. but i feel great. i feel strong. i feel like i am taking ownership for my body. days are short. between working a busy full time job with daily schedule changes and wanting quality time with brad in the evenings, i have to choose ...more

fries that are good for you. (say whuuuu?)

sometimes i forget that just because sweet potatoes have sweet in the name doesn't mean they have to be sweet.   call me a slow learner, it's okay.  cayenne on sweet potatoes.  saaay whuuuuu? i know. i like knowing what is going in my food, especially "fries" - and knowing that i can go a little crazy with them because 1 ....more

vince gill eats breakfast.

Source: ...more

new year, new goals.

brad and i took a last minute spur of the moment trip to the beach this weekend and stayed until today.  i read two books that i got from christmas, relaxed and enjoyed some quiet and time to reset before the new year. i am ready for new.  new year, new goals. ...more

christmas and maybe a run at chris harrison's job.

i did a miserably horrible job capturing family at christmas this year, or christmas at all through the lens.  but what wasn't captured was all the love and warmth that was there.  it was a great celebration of family, thankfulness and blessings. the thing with loving your camera and wanting to capture everything, is sometimes you often miss everything else when you are so focused on one thing.  so for me, this year, i didn't get many pictures, but i'm ...more

blog post filler. (true story)

christmas was so fun this year, that it's taken me all week to get a post up. until then, here's  blurry picture of lit bit with her latest addiction. leaves. girls a mess ....more

thursday dose of happy.

i am a little behind on editing pictures.  halloween a week before christmas are about to appear.  i was going to just ignore the fact that i had these pictures and just let them pass by...but every time my eyes land on these pictures, i just have to laugh.  because dude, i love it when she is weird. ...more

update :: newtown bracelets (and kind people)

when this girl gives a call for help, you people answer.  wow, thanks.  what a platform i have; and my job to use it to the best of my abilities. thank you for listening to my idea and running with it.  in less than 24 hours after i posted the blog about the prayer bracelets, i couldn't keep up with my email fast enough.  such a simple little thing, but together we are going to be able to help that ...more

newtown :: prayer bracelets

here's what i know for sure. i have thought and prayed more for connecticut this weekend than i ever new possible.  every time i would hear something new, anything, i would pray.  pray for the hearts of those families that are burying their little ones this week.  praying for the families of the teachers, principles and other adults that tragically lost their lives as well. ...more


i just flipped off the light in the kids rooms, the ones that i take care of daily, i kissed all three of them on the head, picked up a few random toys, put them where they belonged, told them i loved them and that i will see them tomorrow. my heart and prayers are with you sandy fork elementary school and the entire town of newtown, connecticut. ...more