Weekend at the Cabin

It's funny because I never call our camp a "cabin" I just feel like no one else will understand what I mean when I say camp. Everyone else always calls it "cottage" or "cabin" whereas us in Northern Ontario call it "Camp". So let it be known! Haha.Anyway I really did have the best time at camp this weekend. I finished my book "Gone Girl" which I hated!!! The ending! Ugh. Has anyone else read it? I felt so cheated. That's all I'll say....more

Lazy Day

Wow, have I ever been lazy today.I worked throughout the morning and had big plans to go to the gym and live a normal healthy day. Those plans failed when I went home, made kraft dinner (what?!) and took a nap. Ugh. So not typical for me but in my defense it was gloomy & rainy all day. ...more


Hi Everyone!I finally figured out how to register my blog on BlogHer and I couldn't be more excited to join this fantastic community :)...more
@Denise hey Denise thanks for commenting :) Yeah, it was beautiful :)more