I Wrote a Book!! (What I did on my summer vacation...last year)

Once upon a time, last spring, I got a phone call. ...more

We bought a house!

This spring swallowed me whole, and I admit, we've got some catching up to do! So what's new?! ...more

Oliver & S and Mini Boden!

How many of you had the same thought as me when you saw the new Oliver & S Roller Skate Dress pattern that it could instantly be a Mini Boden inspired piece?!   Not long ago I was longing over $40 dresses at Mini Boden and figured I can make my own now! ...more

International Pie Day-get ready!

Tomorrow is Pi(e) day!  We love pie and pi around here ....more

Snuggling up with Comfy Cozy


Star Wars Valentine Tutorial Roundup!

Ephraim is in kindergarten this year, which means it is our first year to do a school Valentine party! ...more

Oh, January...


Oliver and S Silk Fairy Tale Dress

Dresses are my favorite.  Silk dresses are even better. ...more

Happy Belated New Year!

This blog post isn't a sign of how the New Year is starting out.  It's going to be a bring shiny year! I can feel it! ...more