How to Write Vision and Mission Statements

Vision and mission statements define your organization and set its direction. Because your vision and mission statements are the basis for your organization’s existence, its programs and services, and it goals and objectives, it is imperative to attentively construct and com-municate meaningful, motivational statements. Both statements should be short enough to memorize, yet informational and inspirational....more

What Are Your Organization's Values?

A good marketing plan, like all organizational processes, is grounded in the organization’s values. Values are the implicit and explicit beliefs about people, relationships, and community which guide your organization’s decisions and actions. They are ethical ideals to which your organization consistently aspires....more

Living an Uncluttered Life Full of Light

Around this time each year, my thoughts are directed toward what I would like to change in my life. A new year brings with it hope for restoration and renewal.Like many others, my New Year's resolutions always seem to be failed attempts to force personal transformation. Within weeks, my old mental and physical habits are restored and the good intentions of my resolutions slowly slip away....more