Abortion Law Death Sentence In Ireland

This post isn't about abortion. It's about choices. It's about choosing one life over another, and who makes that choice....more

Your Vote Counts! Please Vote For My Small Business!

My faith in my fellow business women, friends, and coworkers is shaken. Most days, I am energized by the integrity and support of the women around me. Today, not so much.I spent days researching and writing a solid, well researched, inspiring, innovative grant proposal. If selected, my proposal could mean $250,000 for my small business in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Ahh, but there's a catch. In order for my proposal even to be considered, our company has to receive 250 or more votes on Mission Small Business. The deadline is tomorrow. So far we have 40 votes....more

Pretty Sure My Husband Hates Me

I'm pretty sure my husband hates me. I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm crazy when I try to explain that he is passive - aggressive, emotionally unavailable, punishing, manipulative, withholding, and distant. I'm pretty sure he can't see that he's a bearded version of the mother he resents. I'm pretty sure he's incapable of changing and will be miserable for the rest of his life. ...more
Wow, you pretty much described my marriage. I can't leave him though, it would devastate our ...more

Ireland's Alcatraz - Spike Island

From holy is...more

Work Ethic vs Balance

My job description...more

My Marriage and the Rag Tree

Trees have always been worshiped worldwide; they represent growth, decay, and rebirth. My marriage has been in rags; in need of rebirth. ...more

Emotional Abuse: An Open Letter To My Husband

I am asking for something major: to try, with an open mind, over a number of days, to consider if you are emotionally abusive.Just consider it. Read the books I got you. Try to think them over from an outside perspective, from my perspective, or from the kids' perspective. Just open yourself to the possibility that you have inherited the dysfunction you grew up with....more
Whoa, what a poignant post. My Dad used to say a marriage license was a "license to kill." I was ...more

Top 10 Things Your House Painter Won't Tell You

1. I marked your material costs up by 25%. It's common practice for painting contractors to charge home owners retail price for materials like paint and primer. Contractors may even produce receipts - but they pay at least 25% less than the price reflected on the receipt they provide you with. Paint stores reward contractors for their frequent business by cutting painters a hefty discount and then providing marked up receipts to show home owners. Insist on purchasing the paint yourself and buy the paint as needed, so you don't pay for gallons you don't need. ...more
The title of your blog post could easily have been "10 things any bad contractor won't tell ...more

The Hooker's Toothbrush

A word of advice: Never give a hooker a ride.Sometimes my soft heart vetos my good judgement. This was one of those times.Howell Michigan, 2001:  Rick and I went to karaoke with our friends Gary and Mandy. Rick jokes that I give off some pheromone that attracts the unstable and degenerate. This evening started with songs, drinks, and a dwarf with a mullet hitting on me. I should have taken this as a sign....more

Real Irish Saint Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day parades, green beer, and corned beef are all American traditions dating back to the 1960s. Surprised?...more