A typical night for me during my husband's deployment

I woke up in a sweat at 3:30 last night, petrified Ted Bundy was waiting for me outside my house with a butcher knife.The sleeping thing is the worst part of my husband's deployment to Afghanistan, where he's been for the past four months, slated to return some eight months hence.I find I put off going to bed until well past midnight, or right about the time my eyelids close themselves,  because I can’t bear the thought of staring anxiously at the ceiling, listening to every peep and rustle outside the house....more

My Moonshine Identity

The Brits were skeptical at first, which is to be expected when presented with a mini jar of something that resembles vibrant urine. She poured an eighth of an inch into her glass and took a cautious sip. The first thing she said was, ”It tastes like there’s no alcohol in it.” Actually, the first thing she said was, “It tastes like dish soap.” Then, “Is there any alcohol in it?” ...more

alcohol is bad and does not forgive anyone:) Todor Ivanovmore

Fences and other marital matters

Overall, my husband and I  have a great marriage. ...more