Ohmygoodness! I got sidetracked with my newborn while trying to make my second post here yesterday - accicentally saved it as a blank blog post with a title, and it got 29 "reads!" I appologize to the people who "read" my empty post!Anyway, I was trying to explain how my current life transitions are affecting my blogging....more

First BlogHer Post

Have any of you seen what happens when cluttering turns into hoarding? Recently, my sisters and our husbands and families went out to my mother's house to help her with her hoarding problem - it was so bad there was hardly room to walk in her house. While there, we discovered that the problem was much bigger than we could have imagined. She has two garages and several storage units full of stuff, beyond what is in her house.  ...more

There have been times in my life, pretty recently, when I felt almost like we were to the point ...more