Let Me Hypnotize Your Kid

Did you do a double-take when reading that headline?  Most likely as the idea of hypnosis to help children is not yet main-stream.  But hypnosis and Hypnotherapy isn’t just for adults looking to quit smoking or improve their motivation...children and teens also benefit from the art of hypnosis and Hypnotherapy....more

The Art of Hypnotherapy

The Art of Hypnotherapy...more

Hocus Pocus or Hypnosis?

Hocus Pocus or Hypnosis?What is your perception of hypnosis?  Is it the image of a person being lulled into a trance by a crazed Hypnotist waving a watch or pendulum and commanding “You are getting very sleeeeeepy”?  Or do you perceive it to be a form of mind-control where someone can make you do something you don’t want to do?...more
As a professional magician and a person who has studied yoga and meditation ( I believe a form ...more

Sustaining Positive Relationships

Sustaining Positive Relationships in the New Year So it's January.  New resolutions are being made by the moundfull all over the globe.  Turing over a new life, a fresh start, breaking old habits.  All of these ideas become more stimulating, enticing and even attainable as we enter into a new year.  I know for myself, one of my resolutions (I like to make resolutions all year long) I have set for myself this year is to be a better partner to my husband, a better friend to my girlfriends and a better daughter to my parents....more
Thank you Magic Rich. Very kind of you ... not the Dalai Lama, just a girl trying to make life a ...more