Self Sabotage Part 1 -- That _____ gets me every time!

Sabotage Behaviors Part 1 - That ____ gets me every time! Do you have anxiety over starting a new workout or diet plan? If you're like many individuals out there, you've probably tried lots of programs before. They probably worked initially, but then they didn't. Either you found it was too crazy of a routine to stick with, too limited in diet, too tiring of a workout, you felt hungry all the time, or you do what many American's do: Self Sabotage....more

Are You Cooking With the Right Stuff?

 It was the winter of 2007. I had just become engaged and, like any sane person, the first thing I did was start my registry. Since I was living in a college dorm, I had no cookware of my own, I recognized how cliché it was to make cookware the very first thing on my wedding registry, but… duh I didn’t have any. And obviously feeding myself and my soon to be husband was a priority. ...more

Army Wife: On to the Next Chapter

We're through deployment #2. WAHOO! Even though the military has been a part of my life since I was born, there are still some things that even catch me as hard. There's a certain comfort in the familiar things- the commissary, saying sir and ma'am, understanding the rank system and the terminology, moving all the time-- and then there are things that, in my adult life, just catch me off guard and become a huge source of stress. ...more
Hooah! :-)more

The Coach Bag and French Tip Clique: Welcome to Army Wife-dom

I had a moment at a recent Hail and Farewell. I had been pretty poopyfaced about the immanence of Deployment #2, and since our hail fell on my birthday I was especially irritated. I hadn't really talked to anyone about how I was feeling, it was a lot of holding back tears, so breaching the topic just wasn't something I wanted to tackle yet. ...more

11 Dos and Dont's For Juicing and Smoothies

A few months ago I explored the pros and cons of juicing, (Juicing for Health: 6 Juicing Facts) and admittedly, had never really tried it. I knew the nutritional benefits and potential problems with the fad, but had decided a long time ago liquid foods weren't really for me....more