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I Am Proud

This is my first post for the red dress club, this week’s topic is to write about something you are proud of.  I struggled with topic for a bit, I didn’t want to be to cliché and pick something that was so common, so then I thought I would do something more personal but then I thought well I don’t want to be too mussy.  Then I finally found it (and it goes with the coming up weeks)…

Battle of the House

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I hate (love) Bribery

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Learn As You Go Parenting Style

Okay so for the last part of my three part parenting styles I have observed is “learn as you go.”  This is the type I often see in working parents or those parents trying to juggle a lot at one time.  They are the parents that don’t have time to read up on every little worry and scare online yet they are strong dominant personalities that don’t allow others to parent for them.

Domineering Parent Style

This is going to be part of a 3-blog series about parenting styles.  Over the last couple of years people around me have been becoming parents and I have seen so many different parenting styles.  Over the last four months I have finally understood these parenting styles firsthand.The first type I see is the “domineering mother.”  The mother that spends hours reading on the Internet, buys every book that was ever made for parenting, and runs around like a chicken with their head cut off.

Motherhood is Kicking my Butt

So there comes a point in life sometimes where you have to be brutally honest with yourself.  And today I have reached that point…  Motherhood is kicking my butt.  Big time.  As hard as it is to admit there was a point in pregnancy that I thought this is easy, I can do it, motherhood can’t be that hard.Little did I know what I was about to jump into…

Motherhood is Not for the Weak

Four months in and I’ve learned everyday is a new challenge… on Saturday we celebrated four months of parenthood.  No matter what you prepare for or what others tell you the journey of parenthood can not be explained.  Here’s a few of the things I have learned so far …

The Diaper Bag Is in Neavda

So I get home from work on Friday and start packing for our frequent trip to California to see my family…this time the trip marks a special day, my mommy’s birthday!  I start packing for the baby, while daddy packs his stuff and the baby luggage, then I start on my stuff.  I slowly pile the bags into the living room for daddy to pack the car.  As we are getting ready to go I go over the check list in my head…...more

Dear Pregnant Me

 If only I had known …Dear Pregnant Me,You will get emotional.You will crave meat (even though you’re a vegetarian).Take that back you will crave McDonald’s cheeseburgers.You will have the biggest scare of your life at 9 weeks.You will survive through it with a healthy baby. ...more