Have a drink on me.

I have this thing about never throwing away anything useful.And I have a very loose definition of useful....more

The cat probably needed it anyway. Doesn't paint freshen up everything?

Y'know that plastic that comes stuck to the windows of a new door? It's kind of glued on with the stuff they use on stickies? Isn't that there to protect the glass when you paint the door, 'cause I sure thought it was... Now it seems to have become a permanent part of the whole door, kind of a really tacky attempt at making frosted glass with little advertisements all over it. With a really bad paint job on the edges. In retrospect, maybe I shouldn’t have just assumed it’s function…...more
I would get the film off before painting. The more layers the harder to get off. If it pulls ...more

The journey begins

Yesterday I told the Pirate that I was making the switch to "family cloth".  He had the expected response: EEEWWWW!! until I told him he didn't need to use it. Actually, I don't want him to use it.  I'm sticking with the non-stickies for this and boys don't use potty paper for that.Why now? ...more
 @karenks Potty hankie!  Much better name.  'Family cloth' isn't really appropriate when you're ...more